Saturday, 9 January 2010

Howling at the MOON!

I have been letting my inner wolf man out for the last week and my Space Wolves are assimbled and getting ready to launch a full out feeding on the guard today. A 2010 point frenzy! I recieved a large addition to my wolves for X-Mass and now have a wapping 7 droppods! But the question is....
How do I squeeze all of these fellas into a list.. More soon.. Digie cam issue is nearly resolved!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Close very close.

Once again another terniment and a near miss form the top 3. (And how!)
The games went as follows.
LOSS Minor vs marines.
WIN Massacre vs daemons of tzench
WIN Massacre vs IG

Certinly a good track record. But I keep replaying the first game in my head. What did I learn?
Not much. I did learn to keep my mouth shut. I did learn let the opponent play their army and just play my own. But what dose that mean? Well I won first turn and deployed, he deployed. I reminded him he could role to take the first turn from me. And he did just that! up comes a 6 and game on! Now some of you would think man this guy... what a dumbbell good ol' thickie
Mc-thicherson .. what a... but I digress. The mission was the one where you take the other guys flag and defend your own and add in kill points. A tall order. when your force gives up nearly 20+ points... Ok a replay he nukes a manticor drops a Ironclad drednaught practicaly onto my army and takes out 2 or 3 chimeria in the first turn, My dice dont seem to hit enough, But we press-on having lost his dred a land speeder deep-strikes behind my army and survives for 2 or 3 more turns. This worked well for him. He gave me a lot to worrie about and drew a bit of attention away from my real work.. His "flag" and his army on the other side of the board.
The next few turns see me destroy his land speeder a redeamer and a vindecator as well as invade his table quarter A big near miss. I hear from what I though was a judge that we had 24 MIn left to play and decide to get overly creative So I plow my chimers nearest to his flag right up to his army and follow up with a manticor who had been trailing (having lost all his rockets 2 turns before) the last big push to end the game and steal a win. However We play turn 6 and the manticore is lost to a marine squad and the chimera is poped leaving a squad. That squad could have done very well but again who would have known so They move up over the wrecked transport and shoot a squad, this was wrong. Had they ran in the shooting phase they may have gained the distance needed to contest the other objective and brake the the game ended at the end of that turn.It was a good warm up and a big wake up call.

So what did I learn? Look at the mission, read the extra battle points and play a good solid game
Make a plan and see it through, look for the kill points and press the other side.
And Have some fun!

Its easy to get the should of could of would have's. remember a win in the first game and a big win at that will change up the opponents in the next 2 games. That also would have affected the final standing.From 4th to some where below? or big wins to the top! we never know.

Till next time.