Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Here we are! last Sunday night I started to paint the new game board.
I was looking at the painted deasert and decided to attempt a bad knock off.
The nice part about this project is that being a game board is dosen't have to match the real thing.
So just running with it, to see where it goes, is ok.
It is a little abstract with all the colors but having seen ..er been to some deserts I like the way it is going.
Nature has few standards when it comes to colors. So diffrent browns and verious other colors work out well.
My large plan at this point is to apply a dirty brown dry brush and a wash ..a dark wash in brown or black..thouth several washes are going to create the over all look we will end with
Here are some pic's to enjoy. This project will also involve making a few rock outcroppings and adding some light plantlife ....very light. I am excited to see this one used.
The last table has been a hit so far, described as a lazy game board...meaning all the terrain is their and you can just play. Not having to set up seems to be a hit. I am wondering how much play life the first board will get before it is no a table looked foward too by gamers..
Time will tell. I seem to have the green light to continue with the tables at the game shop. (Add a link to the guild)

Moving on today and this evening should get my titan project done as well as see my wolves add a few more to their lot!
Painting will begin after my models are assembled. I will have my wolves ready for gameing very soon.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

More game board..and..

So here goes.. Warhound Titan is moving along slowly but I plan to be done by Saturday night.
The new board was textured a few days ago and will receive some spot checks this evening. Here
are the Pic's.

you can see it's coming together nicely.

Monday, 21 June 2010

And were at it again!

The new table being made for the Gamers Guild! is of yet an unknown kind. Meaning the land scape will appear before we now what the finished board will truly look like. It is important to remember that terrain is not ever truly only one way. It could be this or it could be that?!!
So jungle Snow or rocky waste land? No one knows just yet what were making..or do I?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Friday night fights!

So I got 2 games in last night! One at 1000 points and the second at 1500 points.
My list for game 1 was a master of runes in TDA ,a wolf priest, a lone wolf, a long fang pack, a blood claw pack and a grey hunter pack and 3 typhoon speeders each their own "pack" VS Imp Guard.
He had 3 squads of vets and a company command in Chimera as well as 2 Leman russ tanks.
He was very worried about my typhoons. We stole the first turn! and moved up the right side of the board as quick as the blood claws could go followed by the grey hunters. The plan was the rune master would lead the blood claws giving them the storm caller the grey hunters were shielded by the blood claws to get a cover save..(yes I love the good old ork tricks!) by turn 2 the blood claws were assaulting a Chimera that had become immobilized on some rocks! the foot push should never have worked due to the mobility of the guard. on the left I has the lone wolf run across the board and rend a battle tank to bits! It exploded! also their was a lot of shooting! and a lucky? plasma cannon drift missed its target (a Chimera) and struck another transport! crazy drift! no damage was done and the packs heavy bolters fire on the intended targets side armor ripping the tank apart it Explodes! The over all game went the way of the Wolves! and we won! My opponent has not played an a long while and was a little out of practice. In open terrain it would not have been a good day for the wolves.

We had a very exciting game. And are thinking about slugging it out over a trench board some time.

Game 2 was against one of the shops newer gamers. He has been playing of a few years and paints very well. This game was a lot more formal we rolled up Kill points played dawn of war!
My list added 3 more speeders changing into 3 squadrons of 2 all matched 2 of typhoons and 1 of tornados. and added 1 more grey hunter pack and an extra long fang pack. and a dreadnought.

I think my list was really off...it was late. not too sure at the moment.. However, the second long fangs did nothing except move on to the board and get flanked as soon as they arrived and lost to the gods of the north! howling savage war cries!
Which is still no excuse for a bad list. the first pack moved into a building and shot all of2 heavy bolters and over heated their plasma cannon one tome and moved to get a good position..for all of the game..and doing not much more than move in a building... so sure looks like I was over points more than a little but they at least did not and a gaining effect on the game for me.

So now the good stuff! my rune master smoked his defiler as it arrived with living lightning! Crack! KA boom! it exploded! I had not seen that done before and was not sure of the chances. My 200 point venerable dreadnought Slue a biker squad and a squad of Khorn bezerkers! and stuck in with a squad of chosen ! only losing his power fist! He work his armored ass off! Proving to be a true warrior of Russ! His demon prince sees that we are holding up in a building and comes to get my rune priest and the grey hunters he was leading.! But the murderous hurricane saves us and he must roll to charge in and he rolls 1,1 ! cant move..... The Damon is sent back to the warp full of bolter holes! ARRRRR! wounded 9 times and once with a plasma pistol! between the bolters and the hurricane he was hit just so many times and on his last 2 wounds.
The last few turns see me attempt a ram on a rhino with a very crippled Speeder...which was stupid..Both vehicles were wrecked giving up a kill point as well as earning one. The tornadoes prove that rending is still frighting! as the shred his land raider! it explodes! it was a bit of a gamble for sure but it massively paid off. the game was called at the end of turn 5 leaving an obliterater wounded his chosen stuck in with my venerable Dreadnought and about 10 or 12 chaos marines to face my remaining army.. This is where the Long fangs in the building would have made their money eating the survives of his army at long range which would have left his chosen to be dealt with by my remaining ground troops the 4 blood claws and wolf Priest the closest to that combat and my grey hunters who would have loved to over power the 2 chaos marines in front of them leaving the land speeders free to glide forward to suppress and kill the last chaos squad..10 strong? maybe and safely earning me the game....So That was how I saw turn 6 and maybe 7 but we will never know. To correct my list I will drop a long fang pack and slim down my speeders I want a fair game it keep the games fun.(For both players) I think I may have been more than 100 point over. The performance of the Just 1 typhoon has been mind blowing. They are just amazing.

I am so glad I got to play. I am very much looking forward to the next one!

Friday, 18 June 2010

What have I done..!

I don'tknow but it must have been good. I am building a new land scape and was commissioned to assemble a Chaos Warhound . So the work begins again and the pick and youtube ing will continue!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The wolves ride! Onward to glory!

Well look whos leaving town.

Well now you have had a massive Pic' up date! and we can all say good by to this lot as they make their way Home to Fl! I will be working on my own army agind very soon now! I am very excited!

This little ditty is our last look. ..Or one of the last looks.. The others are on you tube.

Next up A stompa..then another Stompier Stompa and some Necrons! Also their will be Guard and Wolves!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Project done?

Well game fans, I have hit my deadline and am feeling relieved and confused. I am happy that the project is both over and soon to ship. I am also wondering how well received it will be. Will he like it? or love it? As a whole it is a wonderful army full of well painted space wolves and they look good up to 1 and a half feet away.(18") or so. so they look very good at a glance from 3 feet! Thats the point isn't it? I keep truing to do my best work and I know that I have done enough and then some.
The question is what is painting worth. $3, $5, $10 ? So the wolves aren't $10 models but they are way above the others.I think this army will score very well at an RTT and ensure top points for the player, Though it's all subjective. their is still alot more I would love to do but its not my army and he's getting a sweet hart deal. I will miss this army and will remember it fondly with a few pic's and I can't wait to hear about how well it performs in game.

In the morning I will post the last pic's and ship this army back to its home!
More very soon

Friday, 11 June 2010

More work today on the wolves and the table!

Today I spent a few hours sorting my bitz and touching up the Wolves while waiting for glue to dry. I am quickly nearing the 95% done on the wolves! I am looking forward to being done by Monday. Another youtube update as well tonight.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

So Heres an up date on the "New" game board! I started some time before 1700 and decided to stop after 2200 this evening. This table will be done if all goes well by the weekend and if time permits I am looking forward to building another one as well. the biggest issue I see is the lack of defined area terrain/template terrain. I think that it will all come together once the plant life is added. I am very excited to play on this board.
So far I don't see any one side that has "I win" stamped all over it. So if its their I hope its hard to find. This table will be at the Gamers Guild for another few years.I hope that it as fun to use as it is to make.

Again more Space Wolves soon.

We Strike again!

So getting a little brake from my Space Wolves Project now. Got a lot of snow done yesterday! Not too much left to do I think.
Here is what I got into last night at the Guild!
I am still looking for old pic's of this board. I have added all the large raised areas, rocks and sand

This evening I will get back over their to work on it some more and with luck be done with it by the week end!


Space wolves up date very soon.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Some Space Wolve Thoughts.

So I may have mentioned that I recently played the wolves in an RTT a few weeks ago and put up a good fight but sadly came in last! (this is twice now! AKK!) The first game was a nail biter till the end and the second one was a hard fought game as well but sadly by the third game any mojo I had left ran out and that was that.

Oh but were moving on now!
What about a very shooty army? My plan is to mash in 9 land speeders and 3 long fang packs on top of that I am thinking about 10 wolf guard and a land raider as well! I have been giving some thought to using the grate wolf and more wolf guard to help out my grey hunters. I cant help but want either 2 dreadnoughts or 22 packs of wolf scouts as well. I just want it all..... yep.

On the modeling end of things I have been thinking about the grey hunters being older than the wolf guard and that at one time they were wolf guard them selves so why not model and convert them to look the part.

What else is their to say?

Oh ya I posted this one on Cool Mini or not. Enjoy.