Sunday, 5 September 2010

Are my youtube videos being seen?

I'm wondering if my blog..readers? (cherp cherp cherp cherp) are seeing my you tube videos?

It is the other edge to my sword and I am hoping that it will gain interest and pull in people to the blog. Yes I know that mean I need more to read here, no I haven't forgotten.

Moving on. I am painting my land raiders now..2 of 3 the third one has no tracks..can't find them.. bad me.
But all is well I played a newer gamer last night and won in a way that should not have been possible.
I am not complaining I am glad I was clever enough to pull it off. He looked like he had some good moves ready for my wolves in the first two turns but I was able to wall him in and that was game.. we ended on turn 5. I hope he learned more about his army and too take risks as well.
He paints very well and is airbrushing his tanks they look very good.

I was reintroduced to mead this weekend love the stuff. more like a wine than any thing else. we got 3 different bottles the first called Viking blood..yum freshly squeezed viking!
I need to get back on the war path and wont be able to do to much till November. more on that after it is over. I am hoping to play at the 9/11 rtt 1500 points I'm excited
Paint it black Studio and I may film a battle report for out channels from our prospectives should be a cool battle report I don't know when we will be doing this but it should be a blast.

More soon.