Saturday, 12 December 2009

Another glorious victory

I have to feel that tonights team game went so well! we won? Om not sure and at the end of turn 6 we had managed to set up a sweeping move to win on turn 7 ok we were a bit slow but I'm working off the ring rust ans getting my mojo back.
I was worried that the list I played was flawed but it worked well on the defense and surprised me on the lowest down to the lowest unit. the guard squad. the manticor tanks did very well as did the madusa. I may add ti the hard hitting fire power and shrink the fast attack choices which did not fit in a pick-up game.

I wont boar anyone with a list.
But I did use cyclops as a fast attack and they will be removed as will a bane wolf. this adds around 200 points to the list to play with some where else.

I took a fue pic's and will be posting this week. I know I owe pic's as promised and I'm running not on a schedule. So pic's very soon.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I'm back in biz-nasty!!

Thats right true soldiers od the warhammer faith! were back on line and the guard are gosse-stepping ti the game store ! viva la guard!

So I am up to 4 games now and 3 are counted to the guard and the last to the space wolves.
And I am 1/1/1 with the guard now. I don't think I am going wrong anywhere just yet with the lists.
Laster... over my year deployed I managed to only paint a hand full of minies and in the first 5 days home I cranked out 42 guards men (Pics to follow!) And! based 9 heavies! its looking good! I just discovered 2 more transports last night still in the box. very cool .... Oh but theirs so much more too..

I have also built 3 bastions and they are all nearly painted as well.

More very soon.