Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I'm back in biz-nasty!!

Thats right true soldiers od the warhammer faith! were back on line and the guard are gosse-stepping ti the game store ! viva la guard!

So I am up to 4 games now and 3 are counted to the guard and the last to the space wolves.
And I am 1/1/1 with the guard now. I don't think I am going wrong anywhere just yet with the lists.
Laster... over my year deployed I managed to only paint a hand full of minies and in the first 5 days home I cranked out 42 guards men (Pics to follow!) And! based 9 heavies! its looking good! I just discovered 2 more transports last night still in the box. very cool .... Oh but theirs so much more too..

I have also built 3 bastions and they are all nearly painted as well.

More very soon.

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