Thursday, 29 July 2010

Work work work! ..war craft jokes..
I have assembled 30 shoota boyz! 6 or 10 more burna boyz and about as many lootaz!
My loot just got in to day! 3 killa kanz a dred and another box of lootaz! Oh and ZagStruck!
So things are coming together again for me. I have some terrain designs I have been playing with and I need to look at some shots from band of brothers to put it all together well.
I have 3 days off so I should get a lot of terrain started this weekend. My "necromunda" styled terrain and some euro village terrain will be my mane focus . Pic's of the orkz this weekend are planed but may not be painted yet. I am looking for airbrush primer ..primer I can air brush on my figs in side so I don't have to fight a loosing battle ..the humidity is killing me. My wolves are ruined. Until I get some way to save them.

Well all for now.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Another project done.

The warhound is done, well my part is done. I gave it over yesterday. I'm a bit upset? well not upset but not happy about my part in it. I took to long and felt a bit intimidated by it from time to time. I will easily build one now. The first new model will always take too long to build. I am glad I got to do this project. I think I need to work more on my time management and tackle the things that look the hardest first. In this instance the feet which were 30 some odd parts needed to be done first. The model is very top heavy but until the feet are all the way done you cant tell how much weight they will support.

I may get a pic' or two to stick up here.
I am still Space Wolves crazy. I am working on my blood claw bikers wolf guard and more options for my grey hunters. Project necrons is slowly moving and the stompa is getting almost no work done to it at this time.I will be trying to have them both done by the end of August.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

No pic's today

Just a note Project Uberwolves (Space Wolves) has begun!
I am working out a test model right now. I like a dark look for the armour but I am not sold on blue or Shadow grey. I made a blu..darkblue wash to use. My models are based in P3 Iron Hull Grey I have a dark codex grey as well to use I might spray them a in the directly lighted spot for a layered highlight before washing them. I spent a few hours working on my wolf guard terminators last night I may need to magnetize options or get more models.. And blood claw bikers may soon be rolling in! we will see.

More soon ... and I still don't have an army list for the 17th of july rtt.