Thursday, 19 March 2009

More strangeness.

So we have been reading all the rumor surrounding the inerworkings of the new guard codex. 2 months and a few days to go. Very excited. I'm bothered though and its a huge concern I have and a very valid one as well. My army being nearly fully painted is still not where I want it. I want a look and feel I just have not got. Let me explain. I am infatuated with the feel of the DKoK..AkA death korps of Krieg and have been moving in that direction. But it just doesn't feel like Iv got it right. Egadz. (sp?) all these cool goodies in a book I don't have but really want and all I can do is think about painting an army I don't have here with me... Wow.

I want to pose a question though on the subject of painting. I got an email that a forum is holding a painting contest but its a shop forum.. I haven't the slightest where the shop is and may never get to go their. so is it wrong of me to "compete" in their contest? let alone win.(can always hope right?)

I'v been lissining to alot of Type O Negative lately. An Manson as well. It's funny how much these bands have grown on me over the years. I remember a time when I really didn't like Manson at all. ...

Monday, 16 March 2009

RTT in May.

It's time to really put myself to work on a list.

So I guess 2K orkz will be the first one I will work up.

So a Killer list. I want to win every game and I want it to be brutal.

However after reading a Shooting post on the Bell of lost souls I thought I might try and apply the Idea in my own fassion.

The problem is I don't use or even own one mob of Tank bustaz.
So do I even nead them? Hummm.. well see.

Oh and this army won't be fully painted either... I have been adding units over the last year and not paiting them. Silly me.

Well start with my megawarboss. Thug bork. he's about 135 points all said and done.

Next a descission either my big mek or my warp-head.

The mek comes in around 135 as well.

From here things start to get screwie. elites. 15 lootas comes in at 225.

So does 15 butnaz (225)

So from here we will move on to troops. I wasnt shooting in this list so Shoota boys. I have 60 of them so 3 mobs of 20 wll come to 120 points each a nob with power Klawand boss pole another 50 lets say.. so 170 right now each..
Yes I know my points are not correct yet. Im guestimating and Ill round out my list with the real points once its all on "paper"
I know I want 3 Kans for sure to support my shooaz. armed with grotzookaz.

Im thinking about 3 deathkoptaz,(135) and 15 stormboyz.()

This leaves a little left to play with. what I'd like vs what I have and how much I can ge and oaint before the game date.

Back to either troops or elited .. Meganobz. say 5= 200 points. a battlewagon with a zap gun and a deathrolla and 4 big shoota. Thats going to cost me..(160 points after adding a grit riger and armoured plates)

3 zap guns 90 points

Back on troops. Sluggaz 30 180 nob with power Klaw and boss pole=220
Sluggaz 12= 72+ truck=+35 = 107 befor we add anything eltse.
Ok sory but in a buffilo strongbad style big finnish . here we go.
The list so far and correct.
90+20=110+5=115+15=130+20=150+10=160+160= (320)Nobz and battlewagonzap+ 90killa Kanza 60X3= 180Shootaz6X20=120+ 10+5+5+20=160X3 480slugaz w truck107X2= 214+480=694sluggaz180+10+5+25= 220+694=914-30=190lootaz=225deff koptaz45x3=135warphead 85wwarboss60+25+5+5+5+10+15=125
which works out to looking like this.
warboss 125. all tooled out with power Klaw shoota/schorcha loads of gear.
warp head 85.
mega Nobz X4 with battle wagon loaded up. 320
15 lootaz. 225.
shootaz 19+nob loaded up with 2 rockets and such 160 X3
Sluggaz on foot 29+nob made to kick ass and take names. 220
slugaz in truck X2 at 107 Each
Killa Kanz X3 works out to 180 after upgrades and zookaz
3X zap gunz 90.
3X deff Koptaz with rockets 135
So were alomost their Just a little more work to do and it will be ready.
more very soon

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Forum Depression and thats not all

I'm a member of several gaming forums and some are directly associated with a shop.
I use these to keep up with my friends and what have you.
Some time back I was struck with disgust at one forums censorship. They fear a backlash on their shop should some things get back to their clients would be clients or their parents.
OK they have a point I suppose but their apparent behavior in simply banning deleting and in the very real sense banning persons from their shop over rumors ect..
disgusts me. Honestly having been to that particular establishment.... well lets just say I'd be happier elsewhere.

But its not all gloom and doom. I have seen a gaming community rise up over the waves of the Internet to establish their presence. Some of them I know and have known for a while some I've never met or don't remember. (Being a forum based out of and around Jacksonville FL.)

But its good to see that gaming is surviving.

My new Local has only one game shop. The Gamers Guild. Its still a new shop going on its
?second year? But they have a forum and a lively bunch they are. I'm seeing a very positive movement with gaming and forums. Aiding to a much larger gaming venue. Opening opportunities to attend events all over. I know holding a convention is an expensive process and not one that a shop owner would take lightly. Needing a place to hold it and the costs vs the number in attendance and the return.
But hearing about these events on a forum is good. It's free advertising and in a way a non-
Territorial infringing kind of thing.

Jacksonville has at least 4 game shops. From what I have seen it can be a bit cut throat.
I've wondered about going into such a business on many occasions but the more I learn the more I realize I Don't know. Silly I'm sure.
Back on point.. with so many shops it could get very Territorial but The only official game club
I know about in the Jacksonville area frequent all for shops for meetings or events.
On my local forum I see at least 2 other clubs advertising for events as well as attending local events. I'm happy to know so much more is going on in the "war hammer ish" world.

well for now I guess that will bring me to a close.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

More RTT pre listing.

Ya I'm ramping up an army list again.. Still.

I have this Idea about haveing as many cheep troop choices as I can and influincing the table for a win..... so How bout an ork list. ?

I want an army so large the other side has fitts. A hard hitting army with a tuff stuff and megalamania aflicted leadership.

At large squads on the supper cheep these guys could do the job just need a list and a plan.

That leaves me to worrie about only 2 more things The TAU and maybe the Eldarzzzz...

Yes Im drooling for a scrap and I don't want even odds. I mean I want odds way in my favor.. But does larger numbers deliver? will my hord deliver? Well the high points their dead hard. and some of um are extra shooty and well Im sure i could go on. My major porblem s lack of points to put those units I want on the board with the ones I need. Lootaz are a want but boyz are a need.

Im as competitive as I can be as much as I can... But cockie cutter isn't me. My list should be mine.
Im thinking 3 Kanz with grotzookaz, 3 zapgunz, 15 lootaz, 15stormboyz, 12 boyz in a truck 20 ard boyz a mekboss, a warboss, shootaboyz, shootaboyz, sluggaz, maybe a lootawagon? and if I can some nobz... Mega nobz. and who knows. but have to run "da" point and see just what I can have.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Weapons for war

So I was thinking about which would be better, a power weapon or a plasma pistol.
Ok The detales.
Im looking at a guard list Id like to run and I'm wondering if my men can win with out close combat. Sure CC will happen but what If Im not geared for hand to hand but a solid short ranged shooting? Exploit my balistic skill over my lower Initiave. Space marines and their satistical ilk abound! And they will kill my me no question. I think a plasma pistol would be better and get more use durring a game. with a speed bump in front of a command unit I could shoot inflictkills have my speed bump take the hit and my command couls either get away or live to shoot again.
I have been told that the best way to use guard is to lean on a target unit with a pltoon of guards men. not to get into a squad on squad senerio.
My current "load out" has a huge amount of plasma. 2 full pltoons with plasma guns The rumor is that squads will get one or two more "special" weapons avaliable per squad. I can't see 3 plasmas per squad but two would still be very good. I dont know where this outs command squads as far as MEQ killer guns are concerned.
These rumors make it hard to make any good informed descions about my armies new derrection.
But I'm thinking the more strong shooting I can get the better. Another worrie is scoring units or rather their survival. My pltoons will give up loads of kill points At ome where near 6 points per full pltoon.
This makes speed bumping a tuff choice. Not a bad choice but a hard one to make. oh well we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Guess I'm getting way ahead of myself.

This has come about because of a teal turney I may make it to in may. I dont know who I will team with for sure or how many points I can spend yet. Im expecting anywhere from 750 to 1500 at most. but who knows. I want to provide the most versitial army posible to alow for a big win. I will have not played for about 6 months by the time of this event.
I'll be lucky to get 2 trainup games in at most befor hand.
I'm refuseing to play marines. That's all I know for sure.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

too much time on my hands.

Finaly! after weeks or trying Im now reregisered on the GW site! I can feed my hobbie now!
It seems Im going to be wateing a while longer so shop with forge world. I'm thinking about getting several battlewagons for use and extra bitz. I have been thinking also about just how much I will have on my plate. Between the guard and the orks. Its daunting at first. I wish I was able or rather more able to work on my armys from over here. I have the time but not the space. Im half tempted to fill a hard plastic box and send it to myself from home while Im on vacation. I know I will be able to bring back the new codex and Im hopeing I can get at least a little more over here to work on. It's a bit hard to decide just what I can mannage with such a small amount of space. It's tuff to think I will have 6 month till I get home after my vacation.
So much time.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Air Power will be added!

Air power in Apocalypse. Myth or fact.
In the move to 5th edition I have seen the need for a far more balanced list one that encompasses shooting, moving and assault. These elements will be key for a victory.
This is displayed even more in Apoc. A game where the table area is so inconceivably large that whole chunks of an army may never have any positive effect on a game.
To decode the what for's and why's of this game I have given attention to the formations available in the book, whole groups of tanks or dreadnoughts and what ever. 40K is a squad based game, Apoc leans way more to formations. A tank is nice bur 5 tanks working together is better. This sounds simple enough.
It seems to me that in this new age of combined arms adding a 3rd dimension o the battlefield will add to ones success in battle. To gain this I will be adding Valkyries my army to transport guardsmen or stormtroopers to desired locations to eliminate specific objectives, like disruption beacons or shields.
And to be just a pain in the neck to the other side.
Artillery that doesn't move will be toasted and vital objectives Will be ceased.
To further my designs I'm looking forward to adding a few thunderbolts to my collection as well. I see this as a strong way to influence the table top, which has been a problem for me before.
Prior to writing this I had only been thinking about the Thunderbolts and Marauder. I was watching Apocalypse now the other night and boom It hit me. add some air cav!

My new layout might look like this

Bainbaldes 3

Tank company of around 7 tanks

Armored fist Co. around 9+ Chimera+ squads.

Inf company staged around that new supper heavy transport the storm Lord!

Valkyries 3+ set to arrive after turn 1

Thunderbolts and a Marauder destroyer to arrive after turn 1

Add in a few miscellaneous up grades like the line company formation and some strategic assets

I'm sure I'll have a bit more than this.

Any thoughts?