Monday, 25 November 2013

Stating the New format. Necron update no pictures

So here it is. I expect this to resemble failure until I have gotten the hang of this blogging idea I am working on. And with that...

 This may be my only post this week. I have some work around the house to do, Have to help get ready for Thanksgiving.
As of 1100 all barges are built and ready for primer. I have skipped building the lords for now and have build all the shooting options. I am going to see if I can get a few tomb blades started they are smaller miniatures but this will be the first time I have build these and I want to avoid messing up.
To Mr. E, I did get your last email I have been a little busy. I will have a list/ update for you next week But i don't know what day yet. I will shoot for Wednesday.  You mentioned objective markers how large would be too large of a base size? I have some ideas.
I have some home projects starting in December and will still fit in some painting but these projects have to be done. so I expect December to be a short month as far as painting and updates.

More Next week. Thanks for reading and being patient with my lack of pictures. They will be forth coming!

Monday, 18 November 2013

I am going to be changing some things around.

I have decided I like the way I update my weekend projects and want to start to do that same daily update style for my commission work and Ebay projects. (Coming in 2014)
In addition to that I like the way Goat Boy dose his "things I have painted this week" post on ?Friday?
These are changes that will be more positive for me and help track my work in all it's stages.
For me that means at least 1 to 2 posts a day. Posting at lunch and updating again in the evening around 1700 hours. give or take. The exceptions will be days where I am simply not here to do anything or anything of note. For you this means more to read and a few more pictures to look at.
The next projected post will be on Wednesday. Unless I think of something completely brilliant that i just have to say.... Or so bad I can't keep it to myself...
Thanks for looking. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Weekend project 3.

Nothing fancy on the table this weekend. Just doing Ork vehicle repair and basing the killa kans.
As way of an Ork update let me say I am excited that I might have the Battle wagon built in a way that I like. that kit has quickly become a do or die. The amount of glue and frustration.....
The "Half tracks" are rebuilt as well! and my pile of plasticard has arrived this last week!

A picture or two later.

Sorry for the bad picture. I don't like flash and at this stage the Dred is just black, brown and a little red. just sprayed and dabd on. But it is on a base now. textures later. as well as metallic's.

I really like the way the Battle Wagon is finally coming out!
Just a big ugly gun on tracks and wheels!. Nothing fancy. 
And sufficiently brutal! 

More on Sunday.
Thanks for looking!
Killa Kans and Da' Dred this morning.
I had to let paint dry overnight, between the base coat and the first layer of red applied before the first coat had dried. But more red was added but not as much and the Kans have had their first round of Bolt Gun Metal. 

This manner of painting looks really bad at first. As I start to add the next few colors it will start to clean things up and look more like the final product. I don't like overly clean Orks . All of their equipment should look salvaged. 

Pictures this evening.

Evening Pictures!

Killa Kans! with grotzookas made from a "science lab" kit.

Deff Dred! Klaws from the battle wagon kit.

Plastic sign was used for the hood and roof of the wagon as well as the windshield.
I have more to do but now it is taking shape.

Still thinking about a front mounted cannon.
I am also going to read up on what happens if the vehicle doesn't have a weapon at all.
I think this is where we are stopping.
Thanks for looking!

Battle wagon nearly done!

Ok the hard part is nearly done. I will have to put some paint on it and get it scratched up a little.
Also the kanon still fits on the hood! right between the driver and VC.

Just started planning my next one. Not a 5 ton!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Funtivities update!

This last week I have been clipping Necron Kits for assembly. I have two thirds of the kits ready for cleaning and assembly right now. All the ark's are ready for paint and the Tryarch Stalkers are half way through assembly. I am going to paint all of their weapons options. These will be left for my Client to choose how he want's them. I will be painting the arks and the Necrons that they carry separate as well as the doomsday cannons on their own as well. My progress felt a little slow until today. Having all of these kits clipped out is progress. Assembly speed will pick up. The first round took about two months and the 15th of November will have been one month with this lot of models. Despite my Holiday Scheduled I plan to continue to work on into December.
I will be adding pictures here as progress is made.

For myself I plan to try for a home game at some point latter this month. It could very well be the last game for the year.
I am on the fence about which army I want to sell next. I am thinking about my Steel Legion and also my Space Wolves. Mostly because the money would help with a little bill I recently got. Also because my workshop is very full. I decided to keep the Orks after all. I will be parting with some of them but only those models I don't want to paint or that I just have no reason to have, they will be sold to pay for Ork vehicles and aircraft.

Pictures to follow.


I was going to start assembling the Tryarch Stalkers today but I hit a speed bump.
During my assembly prep I glued some parts together in the wrong order. Ruining the bodies that the legs fit into.
So now that I have put that out their , let me tell you what I have done to correct that.
I found a bitz store on ebay and ordered replacement parts.
Simple as that. I got lucky. the parts cam in around $14.00 for everything I needed.  
Now I just have to wait for them to arrive.
It sucks. But the best thing to do was just man up and do the right thing. I would expect the same if I were paying for a service.
I paid the stupid tax and I am thankful that it didn't cost more money. But lessen learned.

Progress was slow today I did manage to clean all the flash form the tomb spyder parts and have started cleaning the command barges as well.
I hope that tomorrow will be a productive day. I don't want to sound all gloom and doom. 
Sorry if that's how it sounds. 
Assembling doom scyths today. barges on Monday as well as any more scyths not finished today.
The Tryarch Stalker bodies arrived today. all the parts and some extra . 
Assembly slated for Monday.

Happy weekend!

As of today all the Syths are assembled as are the Stalkers!
Didn't get pictures yet will be working on command barges and Spyders the rest of the week till complete and plan to get pictures at that time.