Monday, 25 November 2013

Stating the New format. Necron update no pictures

So here it is. I expect this to resemble failure until I have gotten the hang of this blogging idea I am working on. And with that...

 This may be my only post this week. I have some work around the house to do, Have to help get ready for Thanksgiving.
As of 1100 all barges are built and ready for primer. I have skipped building the lords for now and have build all the shooting options. I am going to see if I can get a few tomb blades started they are smaller miniatures but this will be the first time I have build these and I want to avoid messing up.
To Mr. E, I did get your last email I have been a little busy. I will have a list/ update for you next week But i don't know what day yet. I will shoot for Wednesday.  You mentioned objective markers how large would be too large of a base size? I have some ideas.
I have some home projects starting in December and will still fit in some painting but these projects have to be done. so I expect December to be a short month as far as painting and updates.

More Next week. Thanks for reading and being patient with my lack of pictures. They will be forth coming!

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