Friday, 30 January 2015

Some assembly (Orks)

This week was over before it began. Very unproductive. That said I have a done a little bit. (nearly in a rush!)
Nobs, warboss, lootas& Mek, Shoota boys & rocket guy, Killa Kans, Meks with KFF x2 SAG x1
Snikrot and a MANZ... 

Plastic I-Beams on the bases being Krushed

Plan to add more wreckage

And mud and stuff!
AH!, you may have noticed the lack of ranged weapons.. More on that soon!

Rocket guy!

Shoota boys X10

Manz wiff killy saw arm made from a dred leg.

The Lootas are in a few parts assembled for painting.
This will be it till next week when it all starts again! The plan for next week.. This week proved I needed a plan....sad face...
texture bases prime models (base coat too! )
And start building the Stompa! slowly I am moving into the models in Ziplock bags. 
( And all those warbosses!)
Next week will be assembly and primer. As a back up I will also start the Nobs that are waiting for paint. 

Note. To everyone whom I email at all and for any reason. I have a new and functional Email address. So If you get an email from me at the new address...It's really me!
I am still working this issue to try to unlock my "old" email address. which I have had... for ever!
I wasn't able to update my Phone number to receive an unlock code and Had forgotten my password.
I had to flush my cookies due to issues with facebook. Some kind of router problem not allowing for connection to the site.  Previously I have had router/connection issues to and couldn't get into, Those were resolved differently.  
Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Deff Koptas!!! ( and it's about time!)

I started Monday off with some primer and some assembly ( no in that order...)
The art table is working out very well. All Deff Koptas assembled and primed.

Not quite done yet, I still have jackets and hats that need some color.
And this stage of their wip will be complete for now. I still want to pick out more details on them and need to clean them up a bit. I feel like my Bloody red wasn't coming out correctly. That will get a touch up as well.

I enjoyed our call this week. I got your email. Nice choice on the...Spoilers... They'll do nicely!
So I guess next week the lootas and Killa Kans will get some assembly and I'm also going to start building the Stompa! Things feel like they are moving along at a good pace now. I also forgot to mention I got the Christmas card! Thank you.

Next weeks post should be crammed full of crazy.
Loads still to do!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

A productive day off.

Today I started to clean up my shop space.  A very large task to be sure. I think I worked of 3 or 4 hours. I have no idea. It went fast though. Sadly I'm not very close to done.
However, I am pleased to report that my "old" art table is now in the shop and has a space all it's own. Things are coming together. Slowly!

These were taken on my first brake.
I've moved stuff around again after that.
The table is roughly 4 foot long and 2 foot deep.
It's huge!
I'm going to add a better light and find a better chair.

The rest o the shop looks like a wall of project boxes. all stacked up and waiting for a place to call home. Yep, a cluttered mess. I don't expect to get everything cleaned up and rearranged very quickly. Things take time.  Today was a step in the right direction.

Friday, 16 January 2015

This ones all mine!

Yep, it's my turn again. It's all about me.....
It's been a solid few days of painting. At the time of typing this I am finishing up the teef of the 40 mini's from the last post. ( which aere all cought up now!)

I got in another load of trade, more Orks. looking at all this jumbled piles of loot and it hits me.
What I need to do is divide it all out into bags and boxes. Right now it looks like another never ending pile of work. But if I've learned anything from these commission projects it's that setting goals will get more work done in a shorter amount of time then being unorganized does.
So that's the plan.
I have a tub set aside with some of these future projects.
My good friend drove down to the house today to hang out and paint a little. ( even when I'm not painting I'm still painting... more or less.) I didn't go through all of the trade bate yet. I did assemble two more Kustom Mega Kannons though and started to paint on the primer.Going over it I still have another trukk that needs primer as well. Maybe Sunday.. Maybe not.
We kicked some ideas around I'm set to try a MANZ missile at some point. We're also planning a large game His imperial forces vs WAAAAAGH! GorGak! ( Da bestist WAAAAAGH eva'!)
He wants to play a 4000 point game. Which should be a slobber knocker. we may not play for a month or more but I am very happy that we're starting to plan it ahead of time.We talked about our trade a bit, he had forgotten a few things. No worries I'll get them later but it brings to mind the need for a record of deals made. so I'm going to start a trade book. Just a note book to keep track of they what's and how many's. I trade with my good friends from time to time but we seem to see each other so infrequently it's easy for us to forget this or that. I also set, or am not opposed to setting dates to complete a trade that may be a few months out. Just cuse it makes buying or securing the trade items easier. Hopefully making everything less stressful over all.

I'm once again thinking about how to get more from my shop. I have shop space but it's still cluttered and not very functional. This year I want to put in my old art table and new lights and more shelves. I'm also thinking about adding a rolling cart/table. two would be ideal. And let's not forget a comfy chair.

I'm near the end here, stick with it, your doing fantastic!
Just a bit more to read..

Project Orks. ( I just can't stay away!)
So, I've decided not to start the Nobs next. No. I am looking forward to those Deff Koptas.
Starting next week deff Koptas! I just want a small brake from infantry sized models for a bit.
After those are done I will get into the Nobs and warbosses. I think I will push on till mid February then I'm taking a brake but only a week at the most. The goal is a picture of all the painted models at that point and a solid handle on what's left so I can get back to it with another plan. I guess a week off is actually a week of cleaning up and getting ready for more!

Well thanks for reading!
Pictures in the Next post!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Work Work Work.

The holidays have come and gone, they were a lot of fun if not relaxing. Last weekend more or less ended the season. This week I am again Neck deep in the Orks. Still working on infantry sized models. Numerous and belligerent. Not going to bother with the numbers or this or that aside from the over all number of models on the table right now. 40 models all Ork boys.

Still moving along and more to do. Next up is a pile of Ork Nobs. and those will take as long as they take.Not too long though I think.
And Let me say I am supper ready to get into..not infantry sized models for a while.
So Deff Koptas are after the Nobs. The I'll get back into ....well I'll decide that in a few weeks.
I hope this project isn't taking too long. I can't tell. Again the over all plan is to paint all the unpainted and "new" models before touching or touching up any of the models that arrived painted. This is still the difficult portion of the project due to the amount of painting that is being done. So maybe time consuming would have been a better description then difficult.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

First post for 2015! A Battle Report!

I'm starting off the year with a Battle report!
WAAAGH GorGak has drifted close to a Beaky protected world. Space Orks vs Space Wolves (..also from space!!!) This first encounter is a 1500 point game.

I wasn't sure what kind of list I wanted to take. Space Wolves..Could be trouble..
We planned to play a maelstrom mission. Those have been a good time so far. I expect I will need lots of trukks and movement in my list.

1500 points Orks
10 Shoota boys in trukk with nob, big shoota and Big choppa } 3 mobs = troop
6 burna boys in trukk 1 Mek } 2 mobs = elite
8 Tank Bustas in trukk 3 bomb squigs } 1 mob = Elite
12 Ard' Boys 1 Nob with power Klaw } 1 mob = Troop
16 Storm Boys 1 nob}1 mob = Fast Attack
Battle wagon 1 bog shoota } 1 vehicle = Heavy Support
Pain Boy } HQ
Big Mek, Mega armour, KFF, Kill Saw, Power Klaw, attack Squig , Finkkin Kap } war lord
Mek } Meat shield/HQ
Big Mek with Shock Attack Gun. } HQ

1500 points Space Wolves
Wolf Lord with Black Death and Helm of Durfast
Grey Hunters with Stormwolf
Grey Hunters with Rhino
Blood Claws with Rhino
Thunderwolf Cavpack

Game one. 1500 points Orks Vs Space Wolves
Mission # 4
Deployment Long table edges, standard deployment
**** This is a copy and paste style report from a FB Group I am in.
The Space Wolves Player posted the pictures and descriptions.
Format is picture, description, Ork comments, wolves comments.****

The Space wolves won the roll and decided to deploy second and go second.
My warlord traits from strategic let me seize easier and have night vision.
First turn night fight.
Orks deployed in there trukks mostly center. The Sag Mek on the second floor of a ruined? building so he could see the whole table
Storm boys deployed on the ground below him out of los.

The Space Wolves deployed in their rhinos which were used as a wall to cover the Thunder wolves from shooting.
His Storm wolf with transported unit was in reserves.
Table view
Ork Drployment

Ork Deployment

More Ork Deployment

Space Wolves deployment, a Grey Hunter and Blood Claw pack in Rhinos shielding a Thunderwolf Cav pack

Wolves Turn 1 (missed Ork turn 1. They advance, fast)
The two damaged Rhino's run interference on the Thunderwolves, who lose a member to the exploding Ork trukk

"Orks move up, and score two objectives in turn one and shoot at the rhinos. I was trying to set up my moves for turn two. The lead trukk wars wrecked/exploded and I had 4 models from that mob survive....Briefly."

Table view end of Turn 1
Turn 2, the Grey Hunter rhino goes down

The Grey Hunters disembark behind the Rhino

The Thunderwolves swing around to engage the Stormboyz while the Wolf Lord on the Stormwolf arrives
The Thunderwolves wipe out the Stormboyz but lose the thunder hammer toting Thunderwolf.

The Stormwolf opens its meltas on two Ork trukks, failed to destroy any of the targets

The Big Mek and Ard Boyz move to engage the hovering Stormwolf

"The Mek Boss was so busy drooling over those engines that it never occurred to him that his doom might be riding inside...."

The Ork with the Zzap gun teleports himself into combat with the Blood Claw's Rhino

"This was...unexpected. The big Mek was not ready to fight a rhino. "

" well, i dont remember him fighting it, maybe more like flailing ineffectively at it"

The Ork Big Mek and Ard Boy Nob destroy the Stormwolf

"Model position is everything."
" i've learned that the hard way"

the Wolf Lord and Grey Hunter pack engage the Orks who destroyed their ride
"Combat did not go as planned."

The Blood Claws take 8 wounds from the Burna Boyz but deny the Orks objective 1
" The burna Boys did really good..Briefly."
" yea, i think your Burnas killed around 15+ Wolves with their templates"
A Grey Hunter pack moves to support the Blood Claws in denying the Orks objective 1
"still muckin about trying for that objective."
"dont worry, i've seen the future. Most of the Wolves will be removed as causalities."

The Thundwolf pack leader and Grey Hunters move to engage the Ork Trukk boyz, but the GH fail to make it in. The lone Thunderwolf purges his foe
" At this point the Thunder wolve was on his last wound. I thought for sure the Over watch would get him. in the end he had to make maybe 3 or 4 saves through the assault and passed them all."
" one wound left means it's Saga time!"
the center of the table, where Ork trukks are continually denied Objective 1
"I spent way too much time muckin about trying to get that objective."
"yea, it was ridiculous how much we both spent over the single objective"

the Burna boyz burninate the Grey Hunters, killing all but 4

The Burna boyz engage the 4 last Grey Hunters for control of objective 1

Another move of trukk boyz moves to engage the Grey Hunters holding Objective 1

The Thunderwolf pack leader destroys the Ork trukk holding the objective
"The good news was that the trukk was empty."
The last 2 Grey Hunters survive combat as the last surviving Blood Claw charges in and bails them out

The Wolf Lord charges the Battle Wagon, with Black Death removing 2 hull points
"Wolf Lord Killy Mc' chop Chop.."
"while he has been instrumental, he has yet to chop up anything of real note"

The Wolf Lord charges over the wrecked trukk to purge the Orks holding objective 6
"The Tank Bustas did hit and wound with over watch...but the wolf lord has a 2+ save. well getum next time!"
"Keep telling yourself that"
"it's called positive reinforcement. or..Happy thoughts."

The last Blood Claw holds objective 1 and takes the last hull point off the truck with a thrown grenade
"That little Blood Claw had a roller coaster of a day."
"yep, i think his biggest achievements were all shooting attacks"
"He killed a ton of burna boys too!"
"meh, the way they were rolling in CC the GH were safer in combat"
"Ya, my dice were turning off about then."

the end of the game. The Thunderwolf pack leader finishes off the battle wagon while getting line breaker,the Grey Hunter pack moves to take Objective 3, and the last of the Orks are wiped from the table.
Final Score of 16 to 6 Space Wolves win!
I think I could have scored two more points but I didn't realize it during the game. 1, Line Breaker. That would have been the easy point to get. 2, Kill that TWC guy..who had one wound left (for..3 turns?) I needed to quit trying for that objective and move bottom left of this picture..two turns earlier. This wouldn't stop the Space Wolves from still having such a high score but I'd have been up two points if I had pulled it off. The trukks mobility would have let me at least get line breaker. The TWC guy.. Killing him would have taken a lot of luck. My dice weren't very good later in the game. I had a blast!"

" yea, im still surprised you didnt achieve Line Breaker. but the 10 armor mean even standard marines can pose a threat to them.

i think that TWC was making up for the piss poor way the first TWC died. i mean, who dies to an exploding tank?!"

"Really the only unit that didn't do enough was the Storm Boys. they could have done more as a small 5 man mob just trying for objectives.Might do that in smaller games to stick in another trukk full of guys.

Thank you for reading! I hope it was enjoyable...if not short! 
I don't mind the loss at all we hashed out some rules and had a fun match. We are both looking forward to our next game.
More Mayhem to come!