Saturday, 30 January 2016

No Pictures again.

Wall of text.

Not a whole lot to post about today. my time has been spent on projects around the house and stuff like that. Things have to get done, that's how it goes.

I've manages to built 20 Ard boys with choppas ans sluggas and 18 with shootas...and I'm officially out of armoured plate bitz. Working on painting them all still. I have a small pile of this and that waiting for some paint, mostly mek Gunz and bikers. And a few more Nobs.
We had a lord of the rings marathon this week which was fun.
I am thinking about adding some water effects to the Tau Bases. Then I'll have to finally get some pictures!
A lot of you may have noticed the New Space Wolves Rumors floating around the bowels of the Das Interwebz, I have as well. It's shameful that I still have Space Wolve models that ae incomplete it's only been...6? years... ? Already?

Sean, I've read you email and will reply very soon!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

I'm not sure if I posted last week.

Hope things are going well for all of you who ready my blog. I've been sick and it's been ...bad.
But I feel much better now and nearly well. A few more days I think... 
So, what else has been going on?
Ah. I've spent some time starting a small new terrain project, nothing amazing yet. I have more terrain I'd like to make to add to this new set. Still have to finis up some parts before I paint it but it's partly primed now. 
Three new models have arrived for my next project.they're assembled and primed now.
Not sure I want to continue doing anything with them until the next set of models are ordered but that can add up to madness. 
I'm putting some small details on some Ork Nobs now and planning for my next game. Looks like 4000 points vs Word bearers and I'm looking forward to that. 
I'm hopeful that next week I'll be able to get pictures of the Tau army I have so I can put it up for auction. I'll be glad to be rid of it. I don't play Tau, but that's another story all together. 
I've also got some around the house projects coming up too.
Not sure What I want to do next for a project but I have the idea to dig out some D&D miniatures and paint one or two a week for a while. 

I guess it's time to work on some goals for this year. 
Yes, actual goals... Goals.. 

Sorry things haven't quite worked out yet regarding your Tau.
I really feel we need to have more time to prepare and iron out our expectations.
I know your a busy guy.
Have a safe trip.