Friday, 24 May 2013

Project wargames is go!

Well. Project jungle part 1 is done for now. when my textures arrive the a little touch up and done again!
 These pieces of terrain are monstrously large some, well most standing at 12" tall! 9 pieces so far.
The next round will have thicker and taller bases and a new variety of plant life.
I dont think that I will want more then 5 pieces, plans for round 3 include 3 or 4 more bases that are 3" or 4" taller with plant life and rock formations standing much taller than that.

In related news(gaming) Black templar part 3 arrived today! and next week I will be getting back to work.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Get to da choppa!

well, thats how it feels any way. the Jungle terrain at nearly done!
Have a look!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Guard! and terrain!

Today I started my Steel Legion heavy weapons, only a few of 30 or 40..not too many lol

Continued my terrain building! very excited about how this is going.
A pond some hills and some bases for some Jungle plant life!

The plan is ti texture and paint all the bases before I add the "trees". I have some extra goodies to add as well! My next move is to destroy the work I started last week to use most of it over. But I was in a rush and that wasn't a good thing. it hit me last night that My last pond and would be base for trees were not even close to as good as they could be.
Well more soon.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

New terrain project!

I have started another terrain project. Jungle terrain. I have a large amount of material to use. Plastic plantlife and all the sorted other things one needs when building a deep dark deathworld!
Guess what these are for.
Not the base but the little blue things.
More on those fairly soon!

In other news.
Project Templar is entering its third phase, which is 3 flyers! 2 Stormtalons and 1 stormraven!
These will be a very good addition to this project and make this a force to be reckoned with!
Oh heres where the Templars are now, as far as progress goes.
More shortly!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A new direction!

Time for a minor change! This blog much like my youtube channel is more or less a work in progress page.
So I plan to try to make it more then a photo dump, which it has been for a while now.

So with that let me say I am never going to be able to catch everyone up.. But I have a format that has been working on facebook, at the WGC group. So I will see if I cant wright theis ship! and we will see how it goes!
Last note for tonight.
Here is my Studio Blog.
Fell free to have a look. Not too much now but well you will just have to look and see!
Thankyou for looking More from me soon!