Sunday, 25 February 2018

All the pictures from the tournament on the 24th

Thursday, 22 February 2018

A tutorial kinda thing

Picture tutorial. So easy even a caveman from beyond the stars can do it! And so can you!

Model primed flat black.

Drybrushed metal.

Drybrushed a lighter metal.
Face base coated them lightly washed with ink.

Armour washed black. (This is also my primer.)

Let dry.

Skin layed lighter skin tone and washed some blending.

Magenta makes the scars pop! 

Wash and flood fill to darken the armour more.
Add in heavy spots of black paint and wash again as needed.

Let dry.

Texture base with course texture jel.

Let dry and add more as needed.

Paint base.

Let dry.

Take pictures!

Realize this guys unit is like 400 points or something...
Sad face... Oh well.

So give it a try if you would like too!


This is one of the first pictures I can remember seeing way back in 1996-ish.
Long ago when I was just getting into 40K.
It's stuck with me for years.

This is my attempt. I realize it's not exactly a copy and that the armour is black and not green.

I ordered a bunch of Space Marine heads just to find this one, which isn't all that far off from the one I remembered.