Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fire power!

The wolves got a short game in last night. we joined forces with chaos (GASP not chaos I heard those guys ...) Yep the very same. our opposition was red scorpions and guard.
for reasons I don't still understand we used a 16 foot table and avoided most of it. our side was going second so we turtled up on our left where we could avoid most of the imp guard tanks and not loose out units. The pore red scorpions had the teeth of nearly 4000 points against them in very small numbers.
My list was/is small but packs a heck of a punch. our first turn went very well Matt and I work well on the same side and his lash list + my wolves sorry for the other side..
I was looking of a singles match but I'm glad I had a fun game over a more competitive one.
The deciding factors for us were the terrain and in a few spots just going for it. Which paid off.
I like my list so far but I need to sit down and write a few more I have options I have not used in a while I know they can work but I need to put Ideas on paper and push some points around..

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Gasp! Pic's at last!

As good as it's going to get..
So My wife just got a new digi cam! I may have to get one too. not to pricey either but I'm not sure it seems a bit sqirly right now. very easy to mess up a pic' .
I have a new cam corder on order and that means new movies! better ones!
I have entered the B&C space wolf painting challenge and heres what I am going to be working on.
Wolf guard hero VEN Dred!
And the 2 terminators as well. Still have not started the blood claw sky pack. More on them later.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

And were Back!

Next on the block looks like 2 Dreadnaughts. a shooty one and a Venerable.

A new thought. I am thinking about adding 2 wherlwends to my army. at 80 or 90 points each they could supply a lot of cheep fire power I don't have to balance out a more mobile list.

I am going to spend some time shopping for a new digie cam now that I have some money for one.
And final thoughts I think the time has come for a new paint set. The Vallejo 72 paint set with case and some brushes is also on my mind..

I'm glad the Darkeldar are out again I am refreshed to have something other than marines being released by GW I don't know if I will ever own that army but If I don't it is only because I don't have the room or time for them. They look fantastic! I can't wait to fight them!