Monday, 21 February 2011

terrain, orkz Guard ...and?

so my crazy friend is selling all his marines ..he has a lot. He wants my Guard and..I don't think I will sell. He could shop around and their is always E-Bay. I know he isn't happy that I don't want to sell but I have so much that I can't justify parting with it. But I must thank him, I am painting Guardsmen again I base coated almost all my armour to day! so it is a step in the right direction.
I also started his logan wing (Pic's soon) I hope he will be happy with them.I did a test model for the necrons today ..not too thrilled with it yet.
And lastly the table is coming along and I am very happy with the progress I am making.not too much loner and I will be painting it and all the terrain that goes with it!
More soon heres a link to a large amount of what I am getting on about!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Logan count as!

And now.. "Logan Grimnar" I painted him up very late early this morning He is very scary.

The cape may not stay I want him to look more amazing.
I love the eyes.. He looks like a crazy man!
More soon!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Thunder Wolves ! wrath of the beast!

So its official. I have 6 riders just about done, capes and furs still to go and some final painting and the thunder will roll! Logan Grimnar has also been reborn and Will be ready for the feild of battle by the end of the week! and a Thunderlord will soon roam the land free to slay all whom dare to stand before him! (so many exclamation points...) my lads are nearly done some vehicle repaints and the army will be , dare I say it, done! so only 9 more months of painting .... or maybe less.

Pics in two days..

Maybe it's time to get my Apocalypse list ready.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

land of the wolf.

So it was my good fortune to receive 6 thunder-wolves a week or so ago.
I am sculpting more fur on them now to bulk them out they are a bit small. They are the ones made by the Russian lady, so they are all the same.
I never thought I would use them. their isn't an easy to get model and the Idea seemed odd. marines riding wolves. But I am glad to give them a go.

On the home front My wolves came in the bottom 5 in last weekends rtt. I must say I was very glad to play 5 people I have never played before and though only winning round 3 I still had fun.
My only problem was the first round gitters. Though I did get tabled in nearly all my games I can clame to have killed a grate many foe! all manner of savage beasty and abomination xenos and "marine" alike. let me just say 750 isn't many points to build a strong army with.
I have sold the Dark Angels! and have 2 more commissions in the works! more soon.