Saturday, 31 May 2014

Project WAAAGH! part 1

Now where were we? Ah, yes Painting a Stompa! Paintin a Mega Dred and well everything else mean and green! I am super excited about the Orks making their return with a new codex and some "snazzy" new models as well. The big bad brand new Goranaught/Morkanaught has all sorts of flat surfaces going on and I am looking forward to Kicking it across the painting table for a few days! I don't think mine will be as poorly received as GW's bright yellow monster. ( I actually think the bright yellow takes a lot away from this suppa stompy kill deff machine!) It's got ta be red!
I've now seen the flash gitz and have read that their are still a lot of heads and other bitz we have yet to see I am going to think on these guys for a while. The rules seem reasonable but how do they stack up for the points. Who knows!
Lastly, in the new model category, the new Big gunz! Very cool! I'm again hoping for a very usable unit. Some kind of disasterpice! with rulz to match.

Looking for Easter eggs and we might have one. the killa kanz seem to have double weapons options!
Which would be stellar! I am reminded that their had been some rumors about Ork walkers blowing up if they failed a charge. If that is the case then I am truly looking forward to more Dakka!  However, nothing about this old rumor has turned up in some time AND doesn't rear it's ugly head anywhere near this new G/Morkanaught kit. Nothing I have seen mentions it any where at the moment.
And with out further AH Doo Doo...
Progress and Motivation. 

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 9 May 2014

IG Commissar pictures May 2014

Big thank you! to all those loyal legions out their in interweb land!

While I am not sure exactly who reads most of this mess of mine, I just thought it was time to say Thanks for lookin!
I shipped the Necron Project yesterday morning and expect them to arrive quickly. That's what I paid for after all! ( As of this morning tracking says ...Out for delivery!) This has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I have some smaller projects coming up.
I have  Space wolve army to clean up for pictures. some Black templar air craft to sell and an army to ship their after, I am a little late on that one but it couldn't be helped but that's another story. An then at the end of the month a small TAU project,which will be very quick. I am happy with the direction the blog is moving.
Next week will be given to the Orks. I may not be participating in the B&C's ETL III, this years event, All the new posters have shot my excitement in the foot. But I do have some guard mini's to paint later this year.

I think from what I have done so far through and with my small studio, that I am actually meeting my goals.
I am painting daily and on a schedule. My weeks are full but not crushing. The money that come in pays for more mini's and new tools. But on top of all that I am very pleased to spend so much time painting and learning more about ...Painting.

And with all of that, we'll just call it a post and stop until next week.

I have a few articles I'm writing. They need to cook a little longer. These are Ork related.
I might also do some tutorials in the future. A necron related one for sure. I just need to get everything together and have the time.

More next week!
Thanks for looking!

Friday, 2 May 2014

The 6th turn...

I keep saying how close to the end we are and we are! I am now wrapping up the newest batch of last models. The Crunch is on. Now if the weather would cooperate and not rain. I have more bases textured and drying and nearly all of the important stuff close to done.. And once again I am waiting for paint to dry.
 All but a few models are packed. The last few may need their own box, as will the bases.

Today was a rough one. My compressor has a split on an air line and will need to get a replacement quickly.
With that issue I changed gears and have all the bases painted and waiting for the black washing.
All the mini's have their bases painted this evening and are done. I have just a little more air brushing to do.
Despite this short bit of bad luck I have run that compressor for 3 years now and this is my first issue I have had with it. I am still on track.

I made a lot of progress today! I managed to repair my compressor with a section of air brush hose line. I still have a small leak but it will be sufficient enough to keep my operating. Very happy about the fix working!

Necron royals 


Just a little more to do on these guys.
I expect to ship everything next week.

One last look back!