Friday, 9 May 2014

Big thank you! to all those loyal legions out their in interweb land!

While I am not sure exactly who reads most of this mess of mine, I just thought it was time to say Thanks for lookin!
I shipped the Necron Project yesterday morning and expect them to arrive quickly. That's what I paid for after all! ( As of this morning tracking says ...Out for delivery!) This has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I have some smaller projects coming up.
I have  Space wolve army to clean up for pictures. some Black templar air craft to sell and an army to ship their after, I am a little late on that one but it couldn't be helped but that's another story. An then at the end of the month a small TAU project,which will be very quick. I am happy with the direction the blog is moving.
Next week will be given to the Orks. I may not be participating in the B&C's ETL III, this years event, All the new posters have shot my excitement in the foot. But I do have some guard mini's to paint later this year.

I think from what I have done so far through and with my small studio, that I am actually meeting my goals.
I am painting daily and on a schedule. My weeks are full but not crushing. The money that come in pays for more mini's and new tools. But on top of all that I am very pleased to spend so much time painting and learning more about ...Painting.

And with all of that, we'll just call it a post and stop until next week.

I have a few articles I'm writing. They need to cook a little longer. These are Ork related.
I might also do some tutorials in the future. A necron related one for sure. I just need to get everything together and have the time.

More next week!
Thanks for looking!

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