Saturday, 31 May 2014

Project WAAAGH! part 1

Now where were we? Ah, yes Painting a Stompa! Paintin a Mega Dred and well everything else mean and green! I am super excited about the Orks making their return with a new codex and some "snazzy" new models as well. The big bad brand new Goranaught/Morkanaught has all sorts of flat surfaces going on and I am looking forward to Kicking it across the painting table for a few days! I don't think mine will be as poorly received as GW's bright yellow monster. ( I actually think the bright yellow takes a lot away from this suppa stompy kill deff machine!) It's got ta be red!
I've now seen the flash gitz and have read that their are still a lot of heads and other bitz we have yet to see I am going to think on these guys for a while. The rules seem reasonable but how do they stack up for the points. Who knows!
Lastly, in the new model category, the new Big gunz! Very cool! I'm again hoping for a very usable unit. Some kind of disasterpice! with rulz to match.

Looking for Easter eggs and we might have one. the killa kanz seem to have double weapons options!
Which would be stellar! I am reminded that their had been some rumors about Ork walkers blowing up if they failed a charge. If that is the case then I am truly looking forward to more Dakka!  However, nothing about this old rumor has turned up in some time AND doesn't rear it's ugly head anywhere near this new G/Morkanaught kit. Nothing I have seen mentions it any where at the moment.
And with out further AH Doo Doo...
Progress and Motivation. 

Thanks for looking!

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