Friday, 31 October 2014

Imperial Scions Project pictures Updated on 11/04/2014

Scions in Red from page 17.

Still a few more pictures to add.
Update planned.

Fort Richardson

Friday, 17 October 2014

TAU are the Robot Devil.

So after receiving a sound beating by the TAU on Thursday I am rethinking everything in my lists.
I used 10 or 11 truks but couldn't get the job done. I will also say 5 Riptides is fairly frighting.
Not because of their fire power but the 2+ save 5 Wounds and a toughness of if I recall 5 or 6.
Simply beastly.
My dice were a bit of a let down but it happens. Well be back next year to deliver a proppa kicking to those fish boys.
I have painting projects coming in, holidays and then the new year. Loads to do.
We are close to closing the sale of our old house and we are are excited for that to be done!
Let me tell you it has been nearly 2 years in the works. But it will be a load off our minds and of course budgets!

Looks like Ebay gave me the seller credit after the buyers eCheck bounced again, I knew it would.
Well it didn't bounce, he canceled it. More then a little frustration. I think the buyer was trying to get me to use a "refund" option to take money as well as models he probably didn't want.
As of this morning it looks like I'm safe from fees.

If I had known how badly it was going to go for me, I would have giving that army away to the Ebayer who sent me that note about my Sales pitch.At least he would have enjoyed it.

I have three small auctions running now two of them terrain and one is Eldar left overs I was given years ago by Wess from Stif Neck Studio's He's a good guy to game with and a wonderful "pro" painter. And I mean that. He does very good work. He's a bit upscale but a good choice in services from what I have seen.

Preping for a small game on Saturday. 1500 points IG Vs. Space Wolves! Maelstrom missions!
Should be a good time.

Next project that's locked in. Scions! with a dash of AM.  Also in the early stages of setting up an Ork commission as well.  Speed Freaks!  Fingers crossed on that. I am looking forward to getting stuck in!

Looks like a busy end to the year!
And more Projects means more Pictures!!!!!
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A word of warning regarding selling on Ebay.

This is in regards to my DKoK auction a few post's ago.

So a word of warning.
I know I'm not the first and I know I wont be the last. But I've let myself be robbed. 
In my attempt to rehome some of my collected mini's, over Ebay, I made a mistake and It will end up costing me quite a lot.
Now, I know how dumb I am. I know I am more or less trusting. So it seemed reasonable to me to go ahead and ship before the payment for my DKoK auction cleared Paypal.
Knowing that Payment pending doesn't mean you haven't been paid, so much as it represents a processing time period. I was asked by my "buyer" , and I use that term very very loosely, when I was going to ship. Paypal had emailed me payment pending notification. the "Buyer" paid via eCheck.
this is not out of the norm. I began to think that payment pending meant simply a processing period, it's been known to happen. However, paypal  had emailed notification that the "buyer" bank had declined the payment. This should have been a huge red flag held by a platoon full of large angry men in uniform yelling, " Don't ship!!! "
Now, I admit to being fairly stupid as well as a little trusting.
I thought, If I was going to bid on this auction, I would have the money to pay if I won.
Seems reasonable enough.
I know I only have myself to blame.  

I will never ship prior to payment confirmed again.

I may be left holding the bag on fee's as well. 

So. learn from this bad experience. 
Lastly do not deal with lizzardtongue007michael 
If you are selling in the USA. 

Let me lastly add that I received two massages from the above mentioned "buyer".
The first said how his bank account had been hacked and he promised to pay as soon as he could.
The second, said he didn't place the "order"/ bid and didn't know the address the box was shipped. The address was provided by Ebay.

So there it is.  
Beware of who you deal with.

I am taking every step through Ebay to come to an end, on this, that doesn't have me owing them money on a fraudulent transaction.

Thank you for reading.

WAAAAGH Orks V Tau ! 1750 Guardians con 2014 list format.

Game today.
WAAAAGH Space Orks Vs. Tau Red Fish Boyz.
1750 (2014 Guardians con format.)

Mission: Purge the Alien
Deployment: Dawn of war
Turn one Night Fight.
Ork List

Warboss. Mega armour and Lucky Stick
Pain Boy

Nobs Mob. 1 Power Klaw 2 Big choppa
Battle Wagon 3 rockets and extra rmour.
Burna Boys
Truk with ram

Ard' Boys, Nob with Big choppa Truk with ram
Ard' Boys, Nob with Big choppa Truk with ram
Boys, Nob with Big choppa truk with ram
Boys with nob truk with ram

Blitz bomber
Biker mob with nob
Biker mob with nob

Zap gun ammo runt
Zap gun ammo runt

Just under 1750.
Tau List will be added.

Orks won the roll to choose table side
Tau won the roll to Deploy First
Tau are Going First. Orks fail to seize first turn.
In my usual fashion. I forgot to attempt to seize...

The Tau deploy in an even spread across their deployment zone. This created a well balanced use of their army. Should I have attacked the center... I would have quickly become surrounded.

The Orks deploy everything to the right side of their deployment zone. This will let me attempt to over whelm one side of the Tau force and with luck begin to turn the flank.

It seemed like a good idea at the time!

First turn

Tau. Move a several units forward and into shooting position.
Shooting 2 truks wrecked and a damaged battle wagon. 1 hull points removed.
1 mob of both Ard' boys and boys now on foot.
Tau earn first blood and 2 kill points.
Score 3 - 0

Orks. Move everything forward. Mobs on foot struggle to keep up!
Shooting. both zap Guns shoot trying to force devil fish to jink.
1 Devil fish takes 1 hull point after failing to junk the other Zap Gun misses even after the ammo runt reroll. All the truks move full on flat out another 12" each. The battle wagon moves another 6" forward both biker mobs move full on turbo boost another 12" each and the mobs on foot run just a few more inches forward, still trying to keep up.

The Tau push out slowly and start to set up their fine lanes and position themselves near terrain.
They would find ways to make the terrain work for them all game.
The Devil fish with the blue dice indicates his War Lord, an Ethereal.

 The Orks loose two truks to tau fire and a hull point is lost on the Battle wagon.

I will attempt to continue my plan to close distance as quickly as I can.
This army was made to Assault.
so that's da plan.

The Orks race at maximum speed toward the Tau guns!

My plan did have the flaw of putting my army in the open, which seems to happen even when not in the open..Because Tau..

Another view of the Orks closing in!

Turn two

Tau. The Tau shuffle around a little and start to pop transports!
Three truks destroyed and three mobs pined!  At this point they have begun to figure out that clogging up the board with empty transports was a good idea.  Although they claimed it wasn't planned..
Orks. At this point I am out of truks and really need to get stuck in but it's not all bad news! The Blitz bomber arrives! And makes his bombing run. I roll a 10 on the big bomb chart. My Blast marker hits two Devil fish. 1 hull point is take from the Etherials transport and destroys the other in an explosion! causing the transported fire warriors to flee after loosing two models! The Tau promptly shoot down the Blitz Bomber, which crashed killing two more members of the fleeing fire Warrior squad!
 Else where, the tau set a small picket line of fire warriors up in front of my battle wagon, what that was for is anybodies guess. The battle wagon tankshock the fire warriors, who just move out of the way. My biker mobs move up and prep for the assault. The Boss,Nobs and painboy all, hop out of the Battle Wagon and get ready for the assault. The Ard' boys and Slugga boys that were on foot from turn one, ran up, ready to join in. The Boss called the WAAAGH!  The lads on foot, both mobs assault the devil fish and a fire warrior. The nobs and Boss assault the same squad of fire warriors and a devil fish. Bikers assault another devil fish while the other biker mob assaults a hammer head! WAAAAAGH!
the end resault. Three destroyed Transports, leaving the nobs and boss as well as a boys mob stuck in combat with one lone fire warrior!  Yikes!

The Fire Warrior picket line.
Bate for a trap, just like all the other vehicles I could assault...
The other pined mobs looking at the easy targets that they wouldn't be able to "play with".

Another Tau line view.
His army doesn't seem to have moved very much. But he is setting up his late game plan.

The Tankshock. The Battle wagon moves forward a glorious 6".

Later I would realize that, and you can see it here, the boys in the fore ground were in a bad spot. the Burna boys should have been the unit to my far right. Just because the boys were never in a good position to do very much. The did earn a kill point! but not a whole lot after that.
I think I just have higher expectations when it comes to slugga boys.

Turn three
Tau. The Tau get clever. the now "wounded" Hammer head on my right his left moves off further to his left. leaving the biker mob behind. He then forms yet another picket line with a fire warrior squad, a pathfinder squad and a Rip tide. He is always looking at a supported line.
The both biker mobs take fire and flee! The Tau also blow up the Battle wagon! the explosion kills the fire warrior holding in close combat! Yikes again! Another brave squad of fire Warriors moves up to hold off a bothe the ard' Boys and Slugga boys
I now have a few mobs in a very bad and congested spot! And the pie plates come in!
Orks. We're taking a beating!
The Biker mob on mt left, his right, rallies and moves forward to snap-fire at hip pathfinders! the kill just one. The burna boys move up and burninate several pathfinders in front of them. leaving just one alive! the slugga boys to the right of the Burna mob move up and assault the Hammer head and beat it to death with glancing hits! A task I had expected the bikers to accomplish on turn two...
The Ard' boys and slugga boys assault the brave fire Warriors on a center hill top. the Nobs and boss move forward to assault the fire warriors and last remaining pathfinder in front of them.
The ensuing combat is quick and messy.

Off to the far left, I know it's hard to see the boss and Nobs ready for their attack!

Just behind the tall hill the bikers are back!
They unleash a load of poorly aimed shots into the Pathfinders in an attempt to make them flee!

And, the Tau are setting up their late game plans.. Shooting..

The bikers watch the fire Warriors shuffle around in an orderly fashion..
The bikers are not impressed.

Turn four
Tau. More shuffling and shooting! The newly reinforced and ready "gun line" shoots at the Ar'd boys on the center hill. killing a them and a few slugga boys as well.
This round of shooting will also kill off the warboss. His lucky stick, mega armour and pain boy unable to save him from a lot of failures. Such is life. The Tan colored Riptide is also preprairing to attack my zap guns, still in their deployment zone. One gun was destroyed and the other still sitting in the woods.

Orks. Not an amazing turn for the Orks. The focus still being assault and trying to avoid loosing more mobs. The Nobs, having lost their warboss make a mad dash to assault the riptide nearest to them.
The sustain a few casualties but make the assault. only to fail their fear check and at best inflict a wound. Most of the turn is spent trying to get mobs into position or back into the game! My remaining biker mob rallied this turn. My two grot gunners run off to hid! If they don't die they don't give up a kill point!

The Tau fire line trying to shoot down the Nobs and warboss as well and continuing to core out the closest mobs of boys and bikers.

The nobs milling around after the sudden loss of their boss. All my power Klaws are gone at this point. The pain boy is reasuring them that they have nothing to fear and that they need to get back to what they're good at! Crumpin!

The riptide waiting to gun down the Nobs.
He's been wanting to do this all day!

The tau gun line takes shots at the mob of boys closest to them.
This is never a good position to be in.
The boys are looking for an assault that doesn't involve combined overwatch fire!

Turn five
Tau.The Tau are keen to collect any extra points but have the game in the bag at this point.
The Orks are in a bad position and all the fresh or full units are way too far away to be a threat so the tau focus on the closest threats. the tan riptide continues to press the ork deployment Zone and readys to assault the last Zap gun, which he will easily crush.

Orks. The Nobs are stuck in with the riptide and the burna boys come slamming in! WAAAAGH!
Both mobs pass their fear check and a single wound is taken by the rip tide. they stay locked in.
The remaining bikers move back to their starting lines and attempt to shoot the tan rip tide. But no joy. More mobs on foot are also headed that way. They will never get there in time.

The Nobs and burnas kick punch and chop! But the riptide still stands.

The lone grot taunts the tan Rip tide.
He is squished for his trouble.

The game is over.
Tau victory
13 to 9

I really enjoyed this game but I didn't like the format. These restrictions were harsh. I might have well still been playing the last codex, it would have been the same list.
I don't like having to cherry pick the best possible units, which both the format and size of the game forced me to do to feel I had a chance.
Not all bad though. I made it a goal to get into close combat and to get into his deployment zone. I did all of this. I would, of course like to give him a sound beating and I did the best I could at the time.
his army was sound and deployed in a well balanced manner, which made it very tough to fight.
He also told me that his riptide had never been in close combat before. So yet another thumbs up for me! I did forget to try to seize first turn. but i don't know if that would have helped at all.
The more I fight the Tau the more I see their weaknesses and am learning to exploit them. All I can say is at least I am learning and I am sure that these losses will make me a stronger player.

         The video report. 

We need more AP2!
We shoulds hada killsaw!!!