Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A word of warning regarding selling on Ebay.

This is in regards to my DKoK auction a few post's ago.

So a word of warning.
I know I'm not the first and I know I wont be the last. But I've let myself be robbed. 
In my attempt to rehome some of my collected mini's, over Ebay, I made a mistake and It will end up costing me quite a lot.
Now, I know how dumb I am. I know I am more or less trusting. So it seemed reasonable to me to go ahead and ship before the payment for my DKoK auction cleared Paypal.
Knowing that Payment pending doesn't mean you haven't been paid, so much as it represents a processing time period. I was asked by my "buyer" , and I use that term very very loosely, when I was going to ship. Paypal had emailed me payment pending notification. the "Buyer" paid via eCheck.
this is not out of the norm. I began to think that payment pending meant simply a processing period, it's been known to happen. However, paypal  had emailed notification that the "buyer" bank had declined the payment. This should have been a huge red flag held by a platoon full of large angry men in uniform yelling, " Don't ship!!! "
Now, I admit to being fairly stupid as well as a little trusting.
I thought, If I was going to bid on this auction, I would have the money to pay if I won.
Seems reasonable enough.
I know I only have myself to blame.  

I will never ship prior to payment confirmed again.

I may be left holding the bag on fee's as well. 

So. learn from this bad experience. 
Lastly do not deal with lizzardtongue007michael 
If you are selling in the USA. 

Let me lastly add that I received two massages from the above mentioned "buyer".
The first said how his bank account had been hacked and he promised to pay as soon as he could.
The second, said he didn't place the "order"/ bid and didn't know the address the box was shipped. The address was provided by Ebay.

So there it is.  
Beware of who you deal with.

I am taking every step through Ebay to come to an end, on this, that doesn't have me owing them money on a fraudulent transaction.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have been selling quite a lot Epic 40K minis these past two months on Ebay and I never realized the pitfall.

  2. Thanks, for reading it. I have the feeling I will end up on the loosing end of this. I do wish you the best of luck on your sales. This has been a real bummer.