Friday, 17 October 2014

TAU are the Robot Devil.

So after receiving a sound beating by the TAU on Thursday I am rethinking everything in my lists.
I used 10 or 11 truks but couldn't get the job done. I will also say 5 Riptides is fairly frighting.
Not because of their fire power but the 2+ save 5 Wounds and a toughness of if I recall 5 or 6.
Simply beastly.
My dice were a bit of a let down but it happens. Well be back next year to deliver a proppa kicking to those fish boys.
I have painting projects coming in, holidays and then the new year. Loads to do.
We are close to closing the sale of our old house and we are are excited for that to be done!
Let me tell you it has been nearly 2 years in the works. But it will be a load off our minds and of course budgets!

Looks like Ebay gave me the seller credit after the buyers eCheck bounced again, I knew it would.
Well it didn't bounce, he canceled it. More then a little frustration. I think the buyer was trying to get me to use a "refund" option to take money as well as models he probably didn't want.
As of this morning it looks like I'm safe from fees.

If I had known how badly it was going to go for me, I would have giving that army away to the Ebayer who sent me that note about my Sales pitch.At least he would have enjoyed it.

I have three small auctions running now two of them terrain and one is Eldar left overs I was given years ago by Wess from Stif Neck Studio's He's a good guy to game with and a wonderful "pro" painter. And I mean that. He does very good work. He's a bit upscale but a good choice in services from what I have seen.

Preping for a small game on Saturday. 1500 points IG Vs. Space Wolves! Maelstrom missions!
Should be a good time.

Next project that's locked in. Scions! with a dash of AM.  Also in the early stages of setting up an Ork commission as well.  Speed Freaks!  Fingers crossed on that. I am looking forward to getting stuck in!

Looks like a busy end to the year!
And more Projects means more Pictures!!!!!
Thanks for reading.

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