Monday, 29 July 2013

Mordian Iron Guard begin

Looks like these are the only pictures of the Iron Guard so far.
Here we have all the infantry based and primed.

Still have to base the heavy weapons.
Over 100 men strong this is the foot company
every list will be made using their full points value 
I want this force to play with limited to no tank support.
Bane wolves being an acceptation.

Likely all to be painted next year for ELT 3.

Friday, 26 July 2013

victory lap and trade!

were building a mighty to do list. With the Templars nearly done and a new pile of miniatures fresh off the boat, the work duth comith.

 The Steel Legion is now up to 20 Chimera transports. Huge amount of work still to do. But also a nice chunk done this summer already!
I have a trade partner with loads of old metal miniatures An IG nut with likely the largest collection in Jacksonville FL! interesting. I know the two guys with the largest armies near the thousands.
I mentioned my Steel Legion. Oh I have about 160 infantry squads, to which he says..Oh your just getting started!....
Ya. after seeing his collection.. We've only just begun. But I will be satisfied to find I have the largest fully transported army among the "big guys" I will have to ask about that. do a little intell op.

Let me leave you know with a picture or two.
I don't know what miniature range she comes from. I didn't take her off the base to see if their was anything on the post. So if you know. please let me know.

I would like another if I could find one
I think their may be a small conversion
potential plus, their is the rarity of the
species. Having two would be cool.

I managed to get the Templars Chaplin done as well. Here's a group shot.

I'll Just stop here for now.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Work in progress Black Templars.

I have spent a few days trying to get back in gear. The Templar Project has been hanging over my head for two months. I should have been done. The aircraft are coming together now and then it will be a few days of touch-ups and then Done! I found a Chaplin am adding that model. I am in early stages right now with that. But theirs not much else i can think of to make up for my delays. I have a client that has told me to just take my time. But still I should be done already.
Here's a look at how things are coming along.

 I have also been messing with pea dot..

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


The parade was a bust...
to much going on right now to do it properly.
But this layout showed me I need 6 chimera transports and that's it!
 fully mobile army! 
Just a few more parts an pieces to collect.
 I guess I need to start a list of units left to buy and get them brought in and built.
 Next month may start a commission that will eat my time for about 4 months. So the Legion will again be set aside but I have set my troop trays together to be goals to complete in my free time. Looks like less then a year to get it done..planed deadline of IG codex release. the sand is running out..

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Another mission complete!

Second Vow finished!

Everything would have been done sooner but wasn't.

And that's all the explanation I am cleared to give.

With the B&C down this weekend I decided to make the most of my time to make a splash landing with a complete project the coming week. And we have done it.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vow Phase two! the return!

In part two I am ready to add
 3x Basilisk 125X3 375
                            2X Manticore 160X2 320
                            1X Medusa with an enclosed crew compartment and Bastion breacher shell 135+15+5 155
                            1X Leman Russ battle tank with Heavy bolters and a lasscannon 158+15+20 185
                            1X Leman Russ Executioner with plasma cannons and a lasscannon 190+15+40 245
                                  total 1280 points.
in addition to that.
1 griffon 75 + enclosed crew compartment +15 = 90 points
2 standard issue commissars unit upgrades 35+35=70
1 commissar with power weapon 35+10=45
and 1 DKoK commissar on Horseback, he will count as a lord Commissar with plasma pistol and power sword
 Neither are drawn. 70+10+10=90
a total of  295+1280 = 1575
So their you have it.