Monday, 26 August 2013

Necrons as of week 3

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Forming the Mordian regiment.

More manpower then table space.

!st platoon Assault platoon

Second platoon Support platoons

"Commissar Lord"

trooper with Flamer

Coal black coat and field grey pants.

The Mordian Iron Guard!
This formation is my own take on the DKoK assault brigade list.
The Guard codex can provide more bodies but the quality is less.
The idea is that this army should play and feel like a Mordian Iron Guard. As my Steel Legion should play and feel to its namesake.

I will update this post later with more pictures and an army list.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weekend progress part 2

The third Vow is complete!
                                                         Defense line in sector 7 watching the skys!
A pile of ADL!
And the inside is painted too!
The quad gun ready to scare off the badies!

Line breaker! ready to support the troops!

And that's all folks! 
Not that the guard is a done project but it has come such a long way in a few weeks. I am so glad that I got to it.
More guard will be painted in my free time. I have just so much to paint. I think we are about ready to start pounding some players! 

Weekend progress part 1

While I was working on my vow project my wife was painting my rough rider mounts!
She loves to paint horses!  
She still has a ways to go but already they look like real horses!

The Quad gun was lightly airbrushed. After that I was looking for parts to paint a light green.
I also picked out the amo containers and cannons.
Lastly, so far, I used a burnt umber to start the weathering.
Close to the same process for the ADL

I changed my green, a light green I used on the other tanks a few pages back.
Here I used German uniform green. It has a bit of a blue tent.
Again I used the pearled purple for the plasma cannons!
Here you can see that the Burnt Umber "wash" picked out the lines on the Heavy Flamer very nicely!
And mucked up and dirtied other spots nicely.
Just a little work left to do!