Thursday, 19 August 2010

Work!? or is it?

So I have a 24 hour shift to pull on Friday but all I have to do is sit their unless bad things happen. And it is ok for me to paint! so Friday will be a paint-o-thon! Wolves will be getting some "love"from the paint department. I have some grey hunters I have been excited to paint for a week or two and They will be first up for paint. I have yet to get a prototype? painted but maybe this Friday. So a pic' heavy day with luck. I know I keep promising pic's and I will deliver something this Friday.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

A good day of gaming!

So the team tournament is over. yesterday was a lot more fun than I thought it would have been. I was thinking that I was going to just go through the motions like some kind of ghost or a robot (venture bros quote) But it was a good event and my partner and I did very well. I came on too strong in the first round and I wish I had not. I broke the will of one of the players on the other side...Sorry. It has been frustrating playing kids who don't really know how to play..or they kinda' know but it's the little things that make me crazy. We drew our first and second games and massacred in the third. I think things would have turned out a lot different all over if every player had known the correct format to build their armies. My partner and I discuses out options all through out the games and one player in round two, who would keep "calling" his partner aside to have their little what if's during the game. I don't think it changes too much in a game for either side to know what your thinking. once the minis have been moved it will be plain to see after all so ...
our third game let us come on very strong fighting a horde of IG and TAU. we preformed very well and had the big win we were wanting all day. we placed second!
This evening I will be filming and getting pics of my Space wolves all night. I want to post some pics and I feel like I owe a you tube post as well.
More very soon.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

were changing gears again.

The daily money thing (army-work) has gotten silly again and I am having a lot less time for my projects and the blog. So I will still be doing what I can but unlike June I will be shooting for 4 posts per month. the exceptions being September-November in which I will be lucky to make any post at all. then we will cruse into the holidays and we will see what I can do from their. I need to be leaving very soon now I am late for a team tournament. Pic's today or to night if were lucky!