Sunday, 27 July 2014

WAAAGH DEFF BORK!!! VS Farsights sept.

 On Saturday the Tau invaded Ork controlled space. The ensuing battle For the ancient relic Known in the Orks savage tongue as " Da' Poker chip of winnin!"

Despite the size of the Savage hoard the Tau bravely shot and shot and shot them some more. Losses were to high for the Orks and the game ended on turn 3.
This is was my first game against TAU in many years they are fairly scary and very shooty, more so then I remember them being. This is also the second game with Orks and 7th. Still love them to deff!
Sorry in advance. These are two accounts of the same battle I posted on two forums. 

Played a very relaxed game today. This is game two with the new codex. My Deff Boss and Bork Boss ordered an assault on the Farsite's fish boys. Our mission was Relic and we had Long edge deployment zones. I won deployment zone and went second and then Rolled a 6!!!

I was trying the Ork Hoard formation with that boss, the Bork Boss as my War lord. His trait made the boys fearless when the Waaagh was called. This was hugely helpful although our game was lost by turn 3... I managed to get a first turn assault..that is I was able to declare the assault with my 15 Storm Boys who were promptly gunned down in Over Watch. It took a pathfinder unit 2 riptides and a large fire warrior squad as well as some "missile sides" and drones to kill them .He had no hits with his marker lights. Quite the shock, I mean you read about it and you know it's going to be bad and then it takes all that work from all those units to kill 15 boys... 
He had effectively set the trap and I came crashing in. 
I did manage to charge again across the whole front of his army on turn two.
I gave up first blood, warlord and only earned line beaker despite sitting on the objective for 2 turns.
The opportunity to drag the relic off to the Mek shop was lost at the end of turn 3. And we called the game at that point.
Those fish heads hit hard in shooting and I had expected to have the losses I had. But it wasn't all that bad for my first encounter with the blue skins. We trampled 2 units of fire warriors,Killed a unit of path finders to deff with Ard boys routed a unit of suits from the board and made a huge mess along the way yelling and screaming the whole time! The high points deep striking my Ard boys with warp head, power vomiting frazziling and then Jumping away! all in one phase. Deep striking my Deff Boss and MANZ right onto the Objective safely, maintaining my hold on the relic for another turn. I managed 4 assaults in one turn that rolled above 10 and were well with in that range! I think I failed 2 charges all game. I declared challenges at every opportunity and They were avoided, which did not help him at all. My thoughts. Despite loosing I had a very good time. My opponent did not create any undue stress on my and realized I was trying to give him a good thrashing. To my credit he decided to fight back as hard as he could. I still need to refine the list, which would have been very good against Marines or Chaos but fish heads ....I needed some vehicles. I took none. I had 11 troop,2 Elite 1 Fast and 4 HQ And 1 Heavy. A deff dred which did nothing, more or less.
I am considering a green tide made of shoot boys. Might give that a try. Still have a little to work

 out but still loving this codex. ( If it wasn't clear I used the Gaz FOC for my second detachment.) 

Our game, yesterday, lasted three turns. Fish Heads of the Farsite variety Vs the up and coming tag team of DEFF Boss and Bork Boss (known as "the Killy Express" in some circles.) 

We played 2000 points.
Long edges for deployment and the relic..... 
If it's scary it was in his list, also their were some fire warriors... 

I ran.
The Ork Hoard/warband  formation from Codex Orks as the Primary 
Supported by the Codex Gaz FOC as a detachment.

The Bork Boss, formerly a Konverted Boss/Mad Dok count as .
Rolled a 1, Prophet of Da WAAAAGH.
Being able to call Da WAAAGH every turn kept the boys fearless and able to play.
Unfortunately... I am only now seeing that He couldn't have done that on turn one..
But no matter I'll no make that mistake again and Had I known and played it correctly the game would have been over in two turns, My Loss. So What ever... And ta Zog wiff Doze Fish Heads anyway.

But it was a game I had been stressing over ,My Opponent is the equivalent of playing a computer on Hard mode. My error put me in the game and made him blink. which was good for me. the last thing I wanted was a one sided loss, My own. He did his best to help me decide how to best fight hos fish'ead, an army I have never looked forward to fighting. He's a very competent player with an army that runs it self. But don't take that the wrong way, I had a good time kicking and punching as much as I could so as a training tool it was very useful. He has wanted me to give him a solid beating for a few months now and the largest reason I have not been able to has remained the same. My list. I'm not trying to "optimize" my codex down to the 3 or 4 beastly best units. That's just not me. I have seen where a different list would be a load better honestly I needed shooting and brought none. The little shooting I had was fairly effective, not "perfect" but enough to be noticeable. 
Sadly? or not sadly.. I am looking at the fast attack options and drooling over more of the for next time. I ad 15 storm boys zing right up and into an attempted assault. this threat allowed my army to move up and then assault in the next turn. despite loosing all the storm boys.
As a list change I am looking at small back field support to shoot past my army while I move forward. Lobbas and a SAG for sure. I need to inflict some casualties. I also had no shoota boys, truks, traks, Koptas or aircraft. This was wrong. As rewarding as kickin a fishy man in its fishy I'll nutz is...  It just isn't enough to get the job done.

But lets wrap this up for now with a few highlights.
On turn two I deep struk a mob of ard boys with Warp head. Spot on and power puked!,frazzled and Jumped away to a safer spot, from the center of the board to a lighter and safer spot.
On turn three my Deff boss and 4 MANZ landed again near Spot on to the relic but were all cooked to deff by fusion and flack fire. I still had the relic with ,potentially, with a lone nob who made 5 out of 7 cover saves. I rolled all five! and was all "Can I get ah Hell Ya!". And was promptly told I had forgotten two dice...D'oh! which I then 
I declared an assault ,at one point, with my warphead who would have needed an 11 or 12 to make the distance. The point being to throw him into all that over watch fire first saving a lot of boys. Either way he was gunned down and 2 of 3 other mobs made the assault the third rolled snake eyes twice. 
I liked the manner in which we did all the over watch.
1, Declare the charge.
2, He does all his overwatch firing.
This means models are still able to get any cover saves or still able to be inside of KFF range.
3, Remove the deadunz.
4, Roll distance to see if I can make it in.
This was good because Had I rolled first his shooting would have felt more like he was taking my roll from me,had I rolled just what I needed at the start. Once the shooting is done then I can see what I need to roll and it's all on my to make it. Not so bat as I made a fair amount of charges regardless of losses.
6, Over run fleeing Fire Warriors !

I have some pictures and some video for notes to use for a proppa report. That will be for the blog and I'll link it back when it's up.
 Don't wish to repeat myself any further. I hope the recount was fairly Entertaining. 
The pictures bellow are in order. though I sadly missed a few exciting moments. 

The Bork Boss and Manz center deployment.

Big Mek whaz itdu.
Deployed Far right of Bork Boss with 4 Mobz of boyz and a storm boy mob.
The plan was to get stuck in with the riptides.

Ork forces advance as quickly as their stumpy legs will carry them.
No Fear.

run moves are always an issue when the boys are all packed in like this. the ones in the front don't feel like runnin and the ones in the back don't feel like goin slow!

The far left flank pushes toward the center.

Same as above.

You can tell they fear us by the way they fire.

The Castle of fish gunz.

Losses on the right side were ...noticeable.
They did brake through and make assault in turn two. trouncing weedy fish heads foot soldjaz.

Two mobs just after chasing a suite team off the field! the suites fell back 15" off the table.

Having wiped out a fire warrior squad the 3 remaining boys drool for the oppertunity to kill a riptide!
Seen on the right.
The mob on the left beat a suite team but could not catch them.
They would be gunned down shortly after failing to catch their prey.
Such is the life of an ork.

Bork Boss and Da' MANZ Mob.Took the loot.
A very short lived victory, Prior to that they failed to charge a suite team.
Bork and Da Manz were shortly reduced to atoms.
They popped like popcorn. "I think it's an allergic reaction to deff by Fusion."

More Mobs trying to get to da front!

"Nothing left to do but clean up"

And in a blinding flash Bork Boss and Da' Manz mon were gone.
Leaving the loot.

The Next Flash dropped the Deff Boss and more Manz on Da' Loot!
Glory is very short lived.
The Fish commander decided he wanted to redecorate the table with fusion induced popcorn.
And the Manz and deff boss were quickly killed.

After that we called the game. 2 points fishboys 1 point Orks.

After further thought My mistakes cost me the game.
I was mistaked that my formation would let me call the waaagh on turn 1.
Doing so cost me a full unit of storm boys half a turn early freeing up those units to pick other targets on their turn. It took roughly 6 of his units to kill the storm boys and gave up first blood.
next time make him shoot that stuff on his turn and charge on mine,with more stuff.

Thanks for reading !

And lastly! The Tau have landed the shop is full! I have real work to do! Stay on the lookout for some Tau Work in Progress beginning very soon! 

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Proppa Scrap in the making!

Loads to chew over.
"Guardian Con" is coming around again and having missed last year I am really looking forward to attending!

I am a huge opponent of any restrictions assumed to be in place on my gaming and hobby funtime.
This is an exception.
Though these guidelines severely limit my ability to build my army to the level of Crazy I enjoy , I understand how it is effecting all the other players and their lists equally. 
It's all very straight forward. And in a way a bit of a throw back to how we used to do it years ago. So from that prospective I can see this as a challenge that I am willing to accept and as a goal to work towards.

This event is using this custom detachment at 1750 points and as I understand it custom missions as well.

The Balance comes in a way I like. It's uber-forced.
These somewhat severe limitations mean I will need to play as smart as I can. 
I will have to start with building my list completely from the enforced section of the FOC
( in the picture above)  
And then add what I feel is lacking to bulk out my list.

I'll get back to this in a short while with a first draft of my army list to be!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Eldar Ebay lot... Left overs

While cleaning my shop I found a small pile of Eldar miniatures. I remember these were given to me a few years ago but I have never gotten around to doing anything with them.
 Hopefully some gamer scoop them up. I'm sure the price is a good deal.

This one has a lot of..glue around the neck and face.  I'm sure it can be cleaned off.

Asking $55.00 for all of this. 
Shipping included.
US only please. Overseas shipping not included.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Operational update: Studio Stuff

Going to list some armies on ebay shortly. It's been a much slower Summer then I thought it would have been. But it couldn't be helped. I May or May not have a Tau Project to paint before the end of this...Or next.. Month...
It's like pulling teef this one.
the good news is I have all the color's for it and just need to pick up some primer. The bad new.. I could have been done 3 or 4 times over already. lol.

But enough about that for now.
Selling Space Wolves, trying to get army pictures this weekend, late tonight or Sunday.
Selling DKoK and all my Forge World Imperial Armour as well.
I'd like to sell it all in one go. I have about a lot that if bought new today would be about 4 thousand Dollars to buy.. But why! I'm going to list it all "As is" for about halp the new price. I'll send some emails around first to see if that helps me out faster.
I'll list more of these and the others not mentioned in the ?near? future. Pictures of Space wolves for sure coming very soon.

 So I mase over a table full! And it's too much! Arggg! So out of my 16 new terrain peaces I'll be selling at least 6 of them.Maybe 2 lots of 3. I love this new set! Fantastic on the table, looks grate, just a blast to use!
More good things you'd read or hear in an advertisement!

Lastly for today.
 WAAAAAGH! I love the new Ork Codex! It's a little light but it has been a lot of fun so far loads of good in that book! I'm very close to being all caught up on my Ork models as well! I'm planning to take Da' boys to a local tournament in October and with some luck place near the top...ish! lol.
Honestly I don't know how well I will do at all. But painting is it's own category and I will have a fully painted army that I like and win,loose or draw I know some of the other attendees wont. I'm really looking forward to seeing some gamers I knew many many moons ago.

Ah! the last, lastly, thing!
Shop operations for the rest of the year. I want to push for a 9 month work schedule this "year" my "work year" started in September last year and stopped in May. This year, regardless of when it starts, it will run until the end of June.
Taking weekends and holidays off and having slow weeks were I am more or less done, until a new box arrives, so I am not planning more then a week or less over each holiday and a few 3 or 4 day weekends. I can plan all of those around my work load so I needn't bother my clients, who just want to see painted mini's and receive their armies.  That's the plan.

Thanks for reading my "wall of text" and stay tuned for pictures!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Orks go to WAAAAGH! with a snazzy new Codex!

I had a fantastic gaming holiday form Friday to Monday. 
It's mostly a blurrr Now!

Battle report of sort to come!

The first night we started a game but weren't able to finish. 
But we did have a good few turns! Learned quite a bit about 7th! 

 On Saturday we played 2 teams of 2 with 2 thousand points each. With 4 thousand points of Chaos in the center! Mayhem! Madness! It was a good way to sort out a few rules too.

The grate and powerful Chaos god looks down over hos minions Spreading his domain.

On Sunday I managed to play My first full game of 7th edition with a brand new codex!
2000 points of Word bearer Chaos Space Marines, and cultists!
2000 points of Orks! 
WAAAGH Thug Bork!

It's Da Blitz!
These guys just flew right in and "got all up in that grill"
As they 
Shock and Awe!
The Mighty Warlord Thug Bork Git Krusha looks down at his next meal!
He shortly proves he is the Alpha Predator.
With just a little help from his MANZ Mob
Trogdor the burnanator! cookin and killing lots of my army!
He's so hot! He's breathing FIRE!
Score of 10 to 14 Orks Victorious!
Fantastic game. Maelstrom mission 1 and just a fantastic game.
I know Chaos want's some Pay Back. I'm sure they will bring it too!

 1 vs 2 battle
The terrain in the pictures below belong to me the armies DO NOT!!!!!!!
I will add the names of the players and the armies they played shortly!
Credit where it do!
It looked like they had a good game and they enjoyed the terrain and were kind enough to let me take some pictures. Which as I told them I plan to further edit before moving them to my Unclean Studios blog!
The game was held at FLGS in Jacksonville FL. A shop just north of NASJAX on 17. 
I was a quiet Monday and the shop was clean fairly well stocked and as I mentioned quiet!
I like what I have seen of the place an look ford to getting back their. 

Eldar/Dark Eldar 2500 points
Michael Nguyen
Tao Brewer
Chaos Space Marines
Aaron Kesterson
2500 points between the two.