Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Orks go to WAAAAGH! with a snazzy new Codex!

I had a fantastic gaming holiday form Friday to Monday. 
It's mostly a blurrr Now!

Battle report of sort to come!

The first night we started a game but weren't able to finish. 
But we did have a good few turns! Learned quite a bit about 7th! 

 On Saturday we played 2 teams of 2 with 2 thousand points each. With 4 thousand points of Chaos in the center! Mayhem! Madness! It was a good way to sort out a few rules too.

The grate and powerful Chaos god looks down over hos minions Spreading his domain.

On Sunday I managed to play My first full game of 7th edition with a brand new codex!
2000 points of Word bearer Chaos Space Marines, and cultists!
2000 points of Orks! 
WAAAGH Thug Bork!

It's Da Blitz!
These guys just flew right in and "got all up in that grill"
As they 
Shock and Awe!
The Mighty Warlord Thug Bork Git Krusha looks down at his next meal!
He shortly proves he is the Alpha Predator.
With just a little help from his MANZ Mob
Trogdor the burnanator! cookin and killing lots of my army!
He's so hot! He's breathing FIRE!
Score of 10 to 14 Orks Victorious!
Fantastic game. Maelstrom mission 1 and just a fantastic game.
I know Chaos want's some Pay Back. I'm sure they will bring it too!

 1 vs 2 battle
The terrain in the pictures below belong to me the armies DO NOT!!!!!!!
I will add the names of the players and the armies they played shortly!
Credit where it do!
It looked like they had a good game and they enjoyed the terrain and were kind enough to let me take some pictures. Which as I told them I plan to further edit before moving them to my Unclean Studios blog!
The game was held at FLGS in Jacksonville FL. A shop just north of NASJAX on 17. 
I was a quiet Monday and the shop was clean fairly well stocked and as I mentioned quiet!
I like what I have seen of the place an look ford to getting back their. 

Eldar/Dark Eldar 2500 points
Michael Nguyen
Tao Brewer
Chaos Space Marines
Aaron Kesterson
2500 points between the two.

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