Saturday, 12 July 2014

Operational update: Studio Stuff

Going to list some armies on ebay shortly. It's been a much slower Summer then I thought it would have been. But it couldn't be helped. I May or May not have a Tau Project to paint before the end of this...Or next.. Month...
It's like pulling teef this one.
the good news is I have all the color's for it and just need to pick up some primer. The bad new.. I could have been done 3 or 4 times over already. lol.

But enough about that for now.
Selling Space Wolves, trying to get army pictures this weekend, late tonight or Sunday.
Selling DKoK and all my Forge World Imperial Armour as well.
I'd like to sell it all in one go. I have about a lot that if bought new today would be about 4 thousand Dollars to buy.. But why! I'm going to list it all "As is" for about halp the new price. I'll send some emails around first to see if that helps me out faster.
I'll list more of these and the others not mentioned in the ?near? future. Pictures of Space wolves for sure coming very soon.

 So I mase over a table full! And it's too much! Arggg! So out of my 16 new terrain peaces I'll be selling at least 6 of them.Maybe 2 lots of 3. I love this new set! Fantastic on the table, looks grate, just a blast to use!
More good things you'd read or hear in an advertisement!

Lastly for today.
 WAAAAAGH! I love the new Ork Codex! It's a little light but it has been a lot of fun so far loads of good in that book! I'm very close to being all caught up on my Ork models as well! I'm planning to take Da' boys to a local tournament in October and with some luck place near the top...ish! lol.
Honestly I don't know how well I will do at all. But painting is it's own category and I will have a fully painted army that I like and win,loose or draw I know some of the other attendees wont. I'm really looking forward to seeing some gamers I knew many many moons ago.

Ah! the last, lastly, thing!
Shop operations for the rest of the year. I want to push for a 9 month work schedule this "year" my "work year" started in September last year and stopped in May. This year, regardless of when it starts, it will run until the end of June.
Taking weekends and holidays off and having slow weeks were I am more or less done, until a new box arrives, so I am not planning more then a week or less over each holiday and a few 3 or 4 day weekends. I can plan all of those around my work load so I needn't bother my clients, who just want to see painted mini's and receive their armies.  That's the plan.

Thanks for reading my "wall of text" and stay tuned for pictures!

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