Friday, 28 February 2014

Necrons 60 mini's full on glow.

These guys are very close to done and I will be working on Syths next week. It has felt like slow going on the infantry sized mini's but nearly done with them. Then it's back on to the bigger stuff! Larger models seem to come together easier. But it could just be me.

These miniatures still need a topcoat.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Necrons. The glowing. More picture will be added to this post.

The glow has started, now this metal menace will start to come to life!
More neon green to come!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Necrons C'tan colors creative. wip

This is a middle step. these were black washed before this.

Today I decided to work with ink. The black wash left this one a dirty almost brown color.
I have talked about building my colors before I add the glow, this is an attempt to do that with out leaving these guys as big balls of glow colored ...things.
I "black lined" the muscles with magenta ink then layered some areas with orange then yellow inks. 
I did go back with the Orange to tone down the yellow.
seen in the lase two pictures.

I'm not a huge fan of all this green. The big reason for that is it seems like an expected color set.
like just about every one will paint them. The easy out.

So playing with ink once again I layered on green ink and after that yellow ink. and then watered down green ink.

Not bad so far!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Necrons another weeks work. Thursday.

Not a whole lot new and exciting right now. This week was spent painting a lot of infantry sized mini's. That tends to take a lot of time. I still have quite a bit to do. 20 Deaths Marks 20 Immortals 10 Lych Guard and 10 tryark Praetorians. as well as 70 Necrons warriors, that fit into the Ghost Arks.
 It's all just part of the process. next these and most all of the other units will get their first black wash. after that is complete their is a touch up of lighter silver and then on to the glow effects. I have spent some time working on the C'tan shards. with 2 more unopened. I will have to spend a few days working on the bases for all the vehicles, I have yet to mess with them. Shouldn't be too bad.

The C'tan.
Still have a ways to go. but we are getting their.
The thing I am shooting for is a strong base color for the mini' and once it's good and happy work on the glow But. The big thing is don't loose the details , like those chiseled abs.

I have actually used magenta ink airbrushed on to build a strong base for the red to orange color blend.
This is a first time trying this but I like how it is coming out.

This green guy is a little silly. I only say that because it's a color I would expect to see it painted in.
But were going to try to push it out to yellow an white again once the base colors are solid and strong on their own then I will work on the glow.

Glow is an effect that their are so many ways to create.
This is most likely one of the easier.
But the important thing is that it fits whit what I have already done and that will create the correct feel.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The art of the Ork. UPDATE 07/22/2014



Nobs Mob


Dok ?

New Big Mek in Kustom Mega Armour.
New for Da WAAAGH forum reboot 2014.


Classic Battle Wagon!





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