Friday, 7 February 2014

More paint for the Crons!

Sorry for not posting any text when this "went live" this morning.
Let me say the project is coming along very well.
This week the weather was warm so I was able to prime and base coat a lot of Necrons units.
I would have liked to have been further along but I cut my thumb. Don't laugh to hard, you all know it's happened to you before.

Putting the arms on these guys was part of the reason I ended up with a cut.
But it's ok.
And though I dont have the pictures yet these miniatures were primed and base coated as well.

Infantry models will always slow things down when it comes to painting.
They are "small" and take more focus.
Next week I will start to give them their due time and attention.
In the end it's all about the finished product and a happy client.

Note to MR. E. 
I am very glad you like what you have seen and I will email you again very soon.

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