Sunday, 2 February 2014

More orks! Footsloggers!

Some more Orks.

This guy is part of a mob 30 strong.
We will call this a before picture.
Deff Koptas!
Ard' Boys! the last 3 for the mob..For now. 
This puts the mob at 20 Strong!

1 Gal. Bag of footslogers.
it looks like a little more then 3 full mobs of boys in there.
Most of them look like this.
                                                                            And this

And this

This is one of the few Shoota boys left to touch up. The skin is the main focus.
Nicely layered skin makes the orks look very good on the table.

This one is close enough to my stopping point for a while.
I find not stressing over every little detail helps get more done and keep them presentable.
On this one I retouched the reds and added a lighter layer of green on hos skin as well as painted or repainted his teef and lips. 
Later I plan to spend more time on all of the orks.

This rocket boy is part of my tank busta mob.

I found a few of these old metal Mek boys. 

This shoota boy is a little sick in the head. He is one of the very few ork boys in the hoard to have a top knot, or any "hair" at all for that matter. Such a criminal. 

More Tank bustas

And lastly the table full of green skins!

Thanks for looking!

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