Friday, 31 January 2014

Necron Air! More Cron wip! (Pits week 3)

This week started last Saturday. And I am glad it did.Progress had so far been very good the warmer weather has helped a lot and this train is running right on time!
 The primer went on funny and a little wet. Not a usual thing but it dried just fine and with no issues.
I think the temperature change had an effect on the air in the tank. I may need a moisture trap. But color was applied on Monday with no issues at all.
With out further a do-doo  Some pictures to chew on.

After some color correction their is a slight difference

And now the thrusters? are black
I don't know what they are really called. 

These will be packed up now and set away until washes. 
I still have some parts and pieces to prim and paint, death rays and all that sort of thing.
With the weather getting colder again the primer will dry slower and I don't expect to be done this week. 
I will shut down on Friday to clean the shop again and pull the next batch of miniatures out for painting. 
And I will be starting all over again on Monday.
I am very glad to be painting again.
I have some big stuff to paint coming up! I am excited.
Thanks for looking! More to come!

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  1. Loving the progress Steve. The Flyers are looking amazing. I am getting excited now and can't wait to get these bad boys in an Apoc Game.