Friday, 31 January 2014

Necron Air! More Cron wip! (Pits week 3)

This week started last Saturday. And I am glad it did.Progress had so far been very good the warmer weather has helped a lot and this train is running right on time!
 The primer went on funny and a little wet. Not a usual thing but it dried just fine and with no issues.
I think the temperature change had an effect on the air in the tank. I may need a moisture trap. But color was applied on Monday with no issues at all.
With out further a do-doo  Some pictures to chew on.

After some color correction their is a slight difference

And now the thrusters? are black
I don't know what they are really called. 

These will be packed up now and set away until washes. 
I still have some parts and pieces to prim and paint, death rays and all that sort of thing.
With the weather getting colder again the primer will dry slower and I don't expect to be done this week. 
I will shut down on Friday to clean the shop again and pull the next batch of miniatures out for painting. 
And I will be starting all over again on Monday.
I am very glad to be painting again.
I have some big stuff to paint coming up! I am excited.
Thanks for looking! More to come!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Orks on Monday ? Orks don't like Mondays.

Orks may not like Mondays but that's ok. The Camera still loves them.

# box tops doesn't seem like they would hold that many Orks..


Ard' boyz!

Da Boss'iz 

Nobz like to pall around wiff Nobz!

Shoota boy Girrr!

And some Deff Koptas I am working on.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Second week in the pitts! More Necron Lovage

Short week this week. the temperatures are too cold for much painting. But we take what we get.
Honestly the shop it to cold for the paint to dry in the usual timely manner.
Not to worry though, I have been soldiering on.


And some Ark parts as well.

                                          Lots still to do! Thanks for looking!

Friday, 17 January 2014

First week back in the slave pits! or more Necron painting in progress!

Not too much to say here except...
Is it really Friday?! wow that was fast!
I'm on the fence as far as how much "work" have I gotten done or not but the progress has been constant and very much what I had in mind.

You can see that by the third picture I am up to my third color.
I am sorry to say these may not look exactly like the other, sold in July.
But each vehicle in its group will look like the next one from here on out. 
This sort of thin happens because at the time I never imagined painting these again and didn't take any notes for myself.
Oh well . we do what we can. Which includes as best we can.
I still have miles to go before the end!
                                                            Thank you for looking!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Mordian Iron Guard WIP. Jan 2014.

Here's some wip Mordian Iron Guard!
The good news is all their heavy weapons are now 3 colors , unlike my Steel Legion which have even less...
But all forward progress is good!

More Iron Guardsmen in the Spring!

Thanks for looking!

Ork stuff 1

Hello again! the holidays are over and the studio will be back to painting on Monday!
I am looking forward to a productive first week back!
Here's some of my orks to look at! I had my "me time" over the brake and these were due for some paint!

Thanks for looking!


More ork pip. 


Ard' Boyz wip!