Friday, 30 October 2015

So, whats left to do?

Not a lot as it turns out! This week has been all about paint touch up and finishing a few things up.
Next week is already looking hectic. The plan is to spray seal the rest of the models already painted, finish paint touch up, just a few left and get the bases and mud effects done.
What I'm not going to do. It hurts a little to say I'm not going to do something but it is what it is. I'm not going to mess wit the land Raiders. those were suppose to be turned into battle wagons.
There are a few reasons. Firstly is I'm closing down shop for a while.
(Sean I owe you an email this weekend.) Regardless of the Land Raiders it's a very nice looking collection and as we all know well painted models are dead ard' on the table top.
( ..and something about getting stuck in.. )
It's an old GW adage.

I expect to be able to open shop again after the new year. I just really need the time away from any project commitments for a while. That doesn't mean I wont be painting just that I wont be able to handle a commission for a while.

It's been one heck of a crazy year full of little off green men...
Well more like nearly blue.. well, teal-ish really..

However, there will be a picture dump and a video as well forth coming.
So stay on the lookout for that.

Some pictures from my table to end the post.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mental health and the terror that is..Yellow.

Today I feel really good! The last few days I've made some progress.
I've been touching up the colors on the Mega nobs, working on the last three Ork Boys and working on the last two bosses. It's Sunday. I'm not planning to spend all day on much of anything. I just realized I hadn't posted yet and was working on retouching some Deff koptas. The drivers still need just a little bit and they're done.

Last week was not overly productive I had to head up to see Mom and Dad. Grandma is, was in the hospitalized. She should be in rehab now and moving in with my parents after that. I had wanted to see her sooner but I am glad I was able to see her when I did. My brother even called her, he's stationed in Korea right now. It was a really good "pick me up" for her.

Getting home I felt much better than I had for weeks. I knew she had fallen and had seen a doctor and had a procedure done.
I guess I'm just amazed that my own mental health could be so effected and that the little trip to see her and my parents did me so much good.
At any rate. I've just been painting and things are coming together.

Picture time!

More to come.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Fridays ork post.

Everything was going well untill the end of the week. I've run out of steam.
So I'm calling it until Monday.
Some junk Yard Bases!

More Character wip.

Zap Gunz


I've still got some assembly to do and of course more painting. 
Thanks for looking!

Friday, 9 October 2015

The week of the mega Nobs!.

Mega Nobs were on the table this week. it's taken a little bit to figure out what to do with them.
I think they look about right for this army. Still have to sort out the basses.
I also plan to add more yellow flame to the shoulder guards. Just a bit more to do over all.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Just a bunch of pictures of my army from last weeks game.

I took these pictures Sunday a day after the last game I played.
My opponent had pictures of his force so I just had to do it as well.
You can find my army list a post or two back.

I love my Orks, and spend a lot of time over last year repainting and touching up the miniatures and as I looked at these models..I have so much more to do! 

Thanks for looking
And remember.
Green Is Best!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

2500 points Space Orks vs Raven Guard ( 30K army)

Here we go again! I was invited back up north to my friends house for a game on Saturday.

"The Warlords"
2500 point maelstrom.

Here's my list.
War bosss on Blitz Bile with power klaw and 3 ammo runts.
Big mek with shock attack gun
Big Mek with Kustom force filed
Warp head
Tank bustas ( 15)
Grot mob (24=2)
Shoota boys (19+1) 2 big shootas, boss pole and big choppa
Shoota boys (19+1) 2 big shootas, boss pole and big choppa
Boys mob (29+1) power klaw and boss pole
Ard boys (19+1) Power klaw and boss pole
Fast attack
Blitz bomber
War trakks (5)
Deff koptas (3)
Deff koptas (3)
Heavy support
Mek Guns (3)
Lootas (13)
Deff Dred (1)
Deff Dred (1)

Not my usual style lately. I wanted a list that reminded me of second edition Orks.
This list is fairly shooty and has some mobility.
This is a two cad construction with Objective secure. It was a tough call to leave out the pain boy but something of a change for me. Everything has a job even if I am not sure what it is just yet.
The Kff Mek is going to follow the killa Kans and Dreds. the weird boy will join the Tank bustas if he gets Da jump as a power. the war boss gets to run around on his own counting on his boosted toughness to keep him up and kicking.
The SAG Mek will sit in a building and blast away hoping for a vortex.
I would have liked a pain every mob. Oh well.
Raven Guard

the entire 2.5k RG army
-Praetor in Cataphractii Armor with Legion Bodyguard in Cataphractii armor in Anvillus Drop Pod
-Centurion with Dark Raven Assault Squad
2x10 Tactical Squads in Drop Pods
1x15 Tactical Squad
2x5 Tactical Support Squads with Plasma Guns in Drop Pods
1x2 Rapier Laser Destroyers
1x1 Deredero Dreadnought
1x1 Deathstorm Drop Pod

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The Game!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The table pre-game

Ork's deployment

RG's deployment

RG point of view

Over-view of the table

Ork's infiltrators cuts off Raven Guard options

WLK, So my sole infiltration unit deploys in my zone...changing my plans
Warhead01, The Orks were very sneaky

WLK, the RG go first, and the Anvillus with Praetor and a Drop Pod with Tactical Support squad arrive safely. The Support squad goes in brazenly, but fails to kill it's target.
My Deathwind actually scatters off the table, and returns to my Reserves
Warhead01, n I like those support squads. Your droppods as drop bunkers gave me a lot of trouble.
WLK, yea, i still find them a little messed up but if it will keep my boys alive a bit longer...

WLK, My Tactical Squad stretches out to engage Orks on the far left flank
Warhead01, Those tac guys were tough.
WLK,  their armor saves were on point. Sides, with 15 of them in a squad I could lose 1-2 every turn and still be a decently sized unit

WLK, While the Centurion and Dark Fury engage the Orks on the far right flank
Warhead01, The "flying murder fingers" A dead ard' unit. I played that combat out poorly.
WLK,   "flying murder fingers". I like that

WLK, The charging Centurion and Dark Furies kill 12 Orks with no loses in return
Warhead01, My nob ended up way too close to the front. I think it might have been bad placement from the start.
WLK,  that happens to me all the time

WLK, the Orks react in their normal way, surging foward and engaging the Drop Pods of the Raven Guard
Warhead01, We have to move up the board to get the goods. But some one doesn't want us to leave our deployment zone.
WLK, the smart ones you mean!

WLK, the Ork Warboss speeds up the flank with a kunnin' plan
Warhead01, I had no plan for him. I have to learn how to use him better.
WLK, trust me, him as a lone threat got my attention

WLK,The Ork Dreads thunder into the ruins to Pods
Warhead01, we wanted that objective! and we're gunna get it!
WLK,  once again, we spend multiple turns figthing over the same objectivec

WLK, The Dark Furies continue winning combat, but the Orks are remaining locked in combat
Warhead01, Staying locked in combat saved my flank. which would have folded easily.
WLK,  I dunno. the sheer volume of overwatching shots would have torn that small unit apart

WLK, The long range fire of the Orks starts to knock down my 15 strong Tactical Squad, who spy the Ork Warboss creeping
Warhead01, We did what we could but it was slow going.

WLK, Losing one of their own, the Dark Furies finish off the Orks
Warhead01, My attacks and wounds weren't very effective his saves, over all, wee right on for a long time.
WLK, having a unit of massed lightning claws is a bitch to fight against

WlK, Turn 2, the 2nd Tactical Squad lands deep behind the Ork army
Warhead01,  Now I'm worried about giving up line braker. And loosing my Loota mob. He has my attention!
WLK, when I did this, I wasnt thinking about Line Breaker. I just wanted to silence those damn Lootas!

WLK, Turn 2, the 2nd Tactical Support Squad lands behind the Ork Kans.
Warhead01, Again, those droppods are very useful. Tough to deal with and make me miss real Killa Kans. these new ones are so weedy at ST7.
WLK, s7 maybe, but they performed well enough yesterday

WLK, The survivors of the 1st Tactical Support squad move to engage the Ork dreads in the ruins
Warhead01, we were slugging it out over that objective.

WLK, The Rapier Laser Destroyer aims downfield
Warhead01, I dropped my model. Not too much real damage. I need to start using plastic glue.
WLK, yea, but it looks like I zorched the fucker

WLK, ZZZAAAPP !!!!! One dead dread
Warhead01,  I like the Lazer destroyers. Poor oll' Deff Dred.
WLK, I liked them too, and they will be a staple in my RG.

WLK, the 2nd Tactical Squad open's fire on the Lootas, killing over half the squad. 
the damnable greenskins hold
Warhead01, Looking at my rolls I should have gone to ground with the lootas. I would only have lost 4... oops.
WLK, hindsight my friend. 
but as it means the orks would hit on a 6 rather than a 5 or 6, i would agree on that
Warhead01, That's true but we would have shot at your aircraft. same, same.
WLK, Yea, that's why they scare me. A shit ton of firepower wherever they need it

WLK, the Dark Furies and Centurion move to take an Objective, though they are pretty beat up


Turn 3 Ork outflankers emerge to REALLY hurt the Deredero dread, destroying it's heavy bolter and removing 2 hull points.
I passed ALOT of cover saves
Warhead01,My kunning Plan... 15 tankbusta boys, wish I had had the Bomb squigs there, would have made up for a lot of misses. it's was the Dread or the "flying Murder fingers" and I wen't with the dread. the flanking deff Koptas tried to help. The Dread had a boosted cover save (3+) due to the objective.
WLK, damn straight it did, and still barely survived
Warhead01, They had only two targets at the time I had to decide where they'd have the best chance. I think outflanking them was a mistake. they should have set up in my Deployment zone, the lootas should have infiltrated to a better spot. maybe.
WLK,  No, I think this was the better play. I would have hit them much harder if they deployed

WLK, the Deredero takes aim and downs the Ork bomba!
Warhead01, The Bomba didn't do very much. playing long ways makes them a little difficult to use.
WLK, dont plan too hard...

WLK, The RG tactical squad falls back to the ruins in response to the Ork Warlord's advance, here he comes!
Warhead01, The war boss is tough but not tough enough he needed a unit with him to make an impact. his 4+ save is naff. Wish he could get a 3+ save again.
WLK,  I was surprised when you said his save was 4+. I thought I initially mis-heard you
Warhead01, His jink is a 4+ or 3+ if he turbo boosts. But in assault it's a 4+
WLK, Gah, that needs fixing

WLK, the Kans advance towards the Tactical Support Squad'sDrop pod
Warhead01, Kans were trying to wreck up the droppod and keep the objective safe.
WLK, damn plasma gnners inside couldn't do shit yesterday
Warhead01, They were cookin! Plasma , it's so hot right now..
WLK,  They were cooking themselves...

WLK, the Orks move to engage the Tactical Squad's Drop Pod
Warhead01, The Ard' boys want to wreck the droppod open to get at the goodies inside.
WLK, leave the goodies alone!

                                     WLK, The Tactical Squad receive the charge of the Warboss...
Warhead01,I has all my money on the warbosses T6 to keep him safe but the few wounds he took I failed to save.
WLK,yea, I expected a pasted unit.
Warhead01,he needed one save and he's have beasted it up, I forgot his Hammer of Wrath as well. and the Dreds and Kans HoW too.
WLK,I don't think their HoW would have done much to the pods
Warhead01,Probably not the kans vs Droppods but the Dred vs the support squads, would have been an extra hit.
WLK, I don't think they were needed, you wiped them all out in a single round

WLK,and kill him with a combination of Overwatch fire, the Sergeant's Lightning Claw, and mass chainblades!
Warhead01,And just like that I gave up Sadly the War Lord!... Yikes!, that went the wrong way quickly.
WLK,for you it did. for me it went AWESOMELY

WLK, The Ork Dread mushes the last of the Tactical Support Squad
Warhead01,  Finally a close combat I can enjoy! a one sided stomping!.
WLK, happy to oblige *ouch*

WLK,The Ork mob does hull point damage to the Drop Pod, but the squad bunkers down inside
Warhead01,The power Klaws didn't do enough.
WLK,thankfully. I like the Tactical Marines in 1 piece
Warhead01,Again, if it had been my tankbustas lurking back there. but still a bad match up as the game went.
WLK, If the tankbustas were back there they would have been pasted repeatedly

WLK,the victorious Ork Dread
Warhead01, I'm da champ! I'm da Champ! I'm Da CHAMP!!!
WLK, good going there Rocky

WLK,In response to the outflanking Orks, the last RG Tactical Squad arrives
Warhead01,As scary as the Tankbustas were there I've thought it over and wouldn't do that again. But this is another situation where had it been 3 mobs of 5 they would have done more, throughout the game.
WLK, i thought that was damned scary

WLK,The Deathstorm Drop Pod arrives, but does little damage due to it's screwy FAQ'ed rules
Warhead01,I guess that just because of the snap firing. I was also surprised that the squads in the droppods didn't have to snap fire the turn they arrived.
WLK,that's never been the case. 
the Deathstorm's shooting has me re-thinking if I wanna make the planned 2nd DS or leave it a regular drop pod
Warhead01,I mean, they were shooting from a vehicle that "moved how far?" I'm just surprised by the exception to the movement penalty is all. Also if your unit didn't move couldn't they have all shot more?
WLK,They were firing rapid firing weapons, and close enough to double tap.

WLK,The 2nd Tactical Squad emerges from it's Pod to wipe out the Lootas
Warhead01,Poor lootas.
WLK, yea, i feel real bad for them *snicker*

WLK,While the Praetor and Legion Command Squad come out to engage the Ork mob
Warhead01,This was going to be ugly.
WLK, I reaaaaaaaly enjoyed this moment

WLK,The 3rd Tactical Squad wipes out half of the Rokkit Boyz
Warhead01,7 from 15.. And the lads brake and flee!
WLK, I would, the RG are fucking shit up on this table top
Warhead01,Ya, my guys got a beating.

WLK,The Deredero opens fire on it's Orkish counterpart, killing it
Warhead01,I'm still not sure what I was thinking placing my Shock Attack Gun Mek up there all by him self. Lone Ork HQ's was almost the theme this time around.
WLK,I wondered as well, but took advantage of the confusion. RG style
Warhead01,I was really shooting to make that vortex happen over there on your side of the board. could have been very good.
For me!

WLK,The Centurion moves to engage the Koptas in the ruins
Warhead01, Mater of the flying murder fingers.... one tough cookie. He was hit ith 2 or 3 rokkits from overwatch but his 2+ save.. saved him easily.
WLK, yea, that overwatch was scary accurate

WLK, the Rokkit boyz flee while the Centurion crashes home.
3 rokkit's bounce off of his Artificer Armor...damn accurate for beasts
Warhead01, He had a close call but was fine. 
No problem.
WLK,LOL, yea, I wasnt worried for a second...holy shit he actually made it!?
Warhead01,Nearly got him!
WLK,Close only counts in horseshoes and hand gernades

Warhead01, Yep... haha.

WLK,I forget to challenge with the Praetor, but a Bodyguard picks up the slack and slays the Ork Nob
WLK,Unstoppable.  Unbelievable. Utterly pimp
Warhead01,True enough.

WLK,Yea, that was a good charge
Warhead01,These termies are tough.
WLK,mostly lucky if honest. I think your dice crapped on you and I wasnt forced to make many saves. 5 at most
Warhead01,those dice can be cruel.
WLK,Hateful dice

WLK,Through another volley of Rokkits, the Deredero finally drops
Warhead01, !!! Huzzah!!!
WLK,you sonuvabitch!
Warhead01,Suck it blue!

WLK,The Tactical Squad moves to avenge the Deredero...
Warhead01, I didn't have a clear mission for the deff koptas, I think they got the Dreado but other than that.. No plan.
WLK,I planed for DIE
Wrhead01,dur duh..

WLK,and wipes out 2 of 3 them with bolter fire!
Warhead01, My dice show the trail of tears.
WLK,I didnt notice that, hah
Warhead01,Ya too busy killing my guys to notice HA!
WLK,It's a hard life for the RG

WLK,The rampage of the Praetor continues to the back field of the Orks and silences the artillery
Warhead01,The Mek Guns were kinda scary. Even the bubble chukka did well.
WLK,that damn artillery was freaking scary, and the reason why I didn't surge up the side of the table. the dreads+kans seemed safer
Warhead01,That's not something you hear every day.
WLK, I know! But plasma cannon artillery is something I'm keen to avoid
Warhead01,Safety first?
WLK, It's a blast weapon with your ork scatter die...I don't like that fucker
Warhead01,My scatter die? It's the picture isn't it.

WLK,The Centurion chases down the Ork Rokkit boyz and wipes them out
Warhead01,The last charge of "the flying Mr. Murder fingers". again poor Tank Bustas. It ain't easy being green.
WLK,but what a charge it was

WKL,the Orks avenge their fallen and drop the Centurion in a tidal wave of fire power
Warhead01,The warp head managed a wound as well with Ead' Banger. which was cool.
WLK, yea, Im feeling that headache today
Warhead01,Celebrate too much did you?
WLK,Just tired I think

WLK, the lone Ork Kopta moves to attempt taking the RG held Objective
Warhead01,The war trakks were very late to the game. I needed the Deff Kopta for line braker and an objective card.
WLK,it was a good plan, that I just failed to follow
Warhead01,Failed to follow?
WLK, I didn't die enough
Warhead01,Ha. ya, there's that.

WLK,the outflanking Ork gun trukks open fire on the Tactical squad, but the armor of the Astartes turns away the mass fire
Warhead01,15 twin linked big shootas. maybe 7 saves were needed.
WLK,enough to momentarily scare me
Warhead01, "It's ok, All clear it's just Orks shooting. We're safe!

WLK,while other Orks engage the Tactical Squad in the center of the field
Warhead01, This charge was an attempt to score another objective card. I needed to roll a 10 or more for the charge range to get the point...I rolled a 9.
WLK,theme of steve's day. a day late and a dollar short
Warhead01,Sums it up. more like a turn behind and a dice roll short.

WLK,the final look at the table
Warhead01,Looking back at it I made some mistakes during deployment and my dice were less than stellar. Oh, and you beat the hell out of me. Good job.!
WLK,thanks, I have to say the game was a surprise for me. im not used t taking such a small army and had little faith in it
Warhead01, Your on your game. Heck I had move I could have made and didn't even see at the time..
WLK,Hindsight is a bitch.
I feel good enough with what I did
WLK,the final look at the table

the final score of the game...

the Raven Guard defeat the Orks 12 to 9!
Warhead01,Over all I like my list and will use it again. I enjoyed seeing the Raven Guard in action and the only thing that seemed overly powerful was the droppods, as your squads didn't have to get out. there very good and trouble to deal with. it also made Killa Kans a questionable choice. It really shows how badly they have been nerfed. But no matter.

WLK,yea, the drop pod bunkers caught me by surprise when I stumbled across it. 
the min sized squads inside love it however, and whatever keeps them alive that much longer I guess
Warhead01,It works, I'd do it too.

And with that our report comes to a close. 
The Biker Bosses dreams of loot and scrap were lost and his raiders scattered to the four winds.
The survivors would rally around the warphead and make their way back to the WAAAGH! 
Having found fresh enemy forces to fight! the bosses would be pleased! heck, they might even be rewarded for such valuable information.  One thing was for certain. WAAAAAGH GorGak was coming.
                                                                No world was safe.

Thanks for reading! 
More mayhem to come!