Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mental health and the terror that is..Yellow.

Today I feel really good! The last few days I've made some progress.
I've been touching up the colors on the Mega nobs, working on the last three Ork Boys and working on the last two bosses. It's Sunday. I'm not planning to spend all day on much of anything. I just realized I hadn't posted yet and was working on retouching some Deff koptas. The drivers still need just a little bit and they're done.

Last week was not overly productive I had to head up to see Mom and Dad. Grandma is, was in the hospitalized. She should be in rehab now and moving in with my parents after that. I had wanted to see her sooner but I am glad I was able to see her when I did. My brother even called her, he's stationed in Korea right now. It was a really good "pick me up" for her.

Getting home I felt much better than I had for weeks. I knew she had fallen and had seen a doctor and had a procedure done.
I guess I'm just amazed that my own mental health could be so effected and that the little trip to see her and my parents did me so much good.
At any rate. I've just been painting and things are coming together.

Picture time!

More to come.
Thanks for reading!

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