Sunday, 28 November 2010

Wolve Update!

It's been a wonderful weekend, a fantastic holiday as well!
This evening has been very long and I have painted all day.
To night I am packing up some paints and models to work on during my lunch tomorrow.
All the work I still have to Finnish from todays painting load.
I am working on some bikers and several squad weapons who will flush out my grey hunter packs.
Also I have a new wolf totem and a third long fang pack leader! he is all plastic I wish I had more of the old metal models but I like this one.
The bikers are led by a Wolf Guard with a thunder hammer! he is very well posed and will look fantastic when he is done. I think I may use them to hunt tanks, this should be Ideal for them as a small unit. I have a power fist in the squad but it costs as much as a bike.. so it is up in the air I will have to play test the unit to see it it stays.
Friday I had a game with Shockwave from the Clarksville Legion and the game was exciting all the way to the end. He plays a good game . The wolves won 10 to 5, in 5 turns. I used rhinos for the first time in a long time and was very pleased with their proformance. I am still working my list out for the next RTT. well that sums up my holiday weekend... More soon
Enjoy the Pic's.

All the Assault weapons and what nots!

And the Bikers !