Thursday, 5 December 2013

Holidays update 1

More Work in progress.
I have been working on my Ork bikers over the last few evenings the bikes are coming out nicely the bikers are slowly coming along but I am not in a rush.
A friend of mine announced that his Space Marine battle company plays at exactly 3000 points and I am going to try to get my Orks ready for a game of that size. I have well more then 3000 points so it's all about getting the last few painted and a list put down on paper. I really want to try something dirty, like 12 troops.
We will have to plan a day and time next year for such a big game.

This week I am still building tomb blades 5 built and 10 more to go. But it's only Monday. I will update this before I publish on Wednesday. With more pictures.
Here are a few for starters.

It's Thursday today. Sorry for not posting yesterday I had stuff with the Family going on and that seems to officially Start the Studio Holidays. I don't know what I will have time to do but we are at a stop until next year. Any post or work is not planned or scheduled until next year.  
Their may be a post or some pictures put up but we wont know until it happens.

Happy holidays and Marry Christmas !
( Well not today, but you know the day of and all that...)