Saturday, 28 February 2009

Stompas, Gargants and Other 'Uge ork constructions.

It's been nearly a year ago.. Waite it has been a year ago. Scene I built my over sized stompa.

It took about a week from start to Finnish. And I used it only a few times. I have been thinking about apocalypse as you know and about Imp.Guard and orks. I know I have focused on the Guard when I did mention Apoc but theirs more to this whole thought process for me and you need all the details.. so.

I have played orks for lets say around 8 years for now. I got their codex way back in 3rd and took off I had alot of other armies along the way but I keep coming back to the orks. (In a way they are what I wish the guard was. Sounds strange I know. )I love the Idea that for years I had to scratch build my big ork tanks and Battlewagons. I have smashed all manner of tanks together to get that look and feel. It really is its own art form.

Theres such an exciting feel to these things and they are a labor of love for many of us who are into orks. Huge rolling death machines "bristling" with guns and lots of Armour. Giant towering monsters that they are.

I have seen many ork vehicles that feel so Right but are in appearance to me for the wrong army.
These hardy, sturdy, huge vehicles are what I wish the guard had. (well in look anyway if not in game play.)

And so a year latter GW. has produced a Stompa kit with ,I am told it has over or around 200 peaces. wow thats alot. I am also developing a love hate relationship with their huge model and it has nothing to do with the price.

I don't consider price much any more. Practicality on the other hand is a bigger issue for me.
Will I get to use it, How bad do I want it(need it), am I sure?!!

After building my own I'm a bit disappointed with the one I will be able to buy. This doesn't mean I wont get one. Just means I think mine are better.

I'm also thinking about Just what else I can do with this kit. what other possibilities are their? Loads for sure. And with some luck I can use them to expand on my already proven product! I have been pouring over my pic's and will be devising a new bigger stompa using parts of the box set available in a few months. I remember struggling with the armaments, making them from my bitz box and scrounging like a Mek Boss to get the job done.

Ah, more randomly related background...

I did sell my stompa and my other stompa made that same month. Both built within days of each other I think. I Have been looking at all the pic's I took and the video's I made for my friends. Now the savage voice of my Inner Mek comes back to me howling to do it all over again and I have though about re procuring my old stompas to calm this desire but NO.

I will not be asking to reclaim that which I have created. No. I instead will start planning my next version My next big thing.

The best part of building the first ones was he excitement and the experience I gained just in doing it. My friends got very excited and raved about how they were off to get started on theirs right now! this very moment! not a second to loose! (sadly I have yet to see anything they might have built or ever started and scraped) I had grand designs at one point of a table littered with burnt out hulks from destroyed stompas and half done monstrosities. A battle ground indeed littered with all sorts of scrap heaped to the heavens. One day?

Friday, 27 February 2009

Delightfully dirty

Keeping with the theme of my older army's I have decided to also show one of my best army's of old.
The Death guard. This army did very well for me in 4th addition but was eventual sold,
The tragedy here is that this was a work of art. Not just a collection of little men.

I really enjoyed building build and paint this army not to mention the time I spent working green stuff and converting much of this army. The defiler and the damned prince were some of my favorite units.

As with many of my army's alot part of it used to be someone else's old models and what have you.
I seemed to recycle 40K armies for about 4 years. A big gaming group helped too.
My land raider at one time belonged to a friend. He was also working on a death guard force as well.

I later used this same design to produce a death guard land raider for another friend and I think it turned out much better than the first one.
I planed to add a few pics of that one but .. can't find them.

Nurgle themed armies seemed to be my thing for a few years. But thankfully I have moved on.
The only part of this army I never cared for were the plague marines. The colors never felt right and it frustrated me alot.

Antiquatedly fabulous

Here now for your viewing pleasure are some stills of an old marine army I once built.
Behold the mighty Thunder lords.
This chapter once was famed for bolter's and chain swords as well as their refusal to give any ground in assaults.

These heroic marines were one of my projects that got up to a full 100 marines .

Grey Armour with deep red shoulder guards simple enough and then washed with the future wash. their skin tones were darker and earthy and seemed to me to fit the theme of good siege troops. with just a little bronze and gold.

I have very few pic's of this army but here are some of the good ones.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Big number 1

First post.

I have finally done it I'm back online and with some work this will be a monument to my supprgeniousity and instability.
Meaning it will chronicle my hobbies Warhammer 40K and Warhammer, Painting and building models and some extra craziness than inevitably will come fourth.

So welcome .