Friday, 27 February 2009

Antiquatedly fabulous

Here now for your viewing pleasure are some stills of an old marine army I once built.
Behold the mighty Thunder lords.
This chapter once was famed for bolter's and chain swords as well as their refusal to give any ground in assaults.

These heroic marines were one of my projects that got up to a full 100 marines .

Grey Armour with deep red shoulder guards simple enough and then washed with the future wash. their skin tones were darker and earthy and seemed to me to fit the theme of good siege troops. with just a little bronze and gold.

I have very few pic's of this army but here are some of the good ones.

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  1. If you want my opinion, I think that this a beautiful army you had. It's such a shame I never got to see it in all its glory (or at all). I can only hope that sometime in late 6th edition you get to thinking "Wow that Thunderlords army I had was cool... I think I'll do another one."