Friday, 27 February 2009

Delightfully dirty

Keeping with the theme of my older army's I have decided to also show one of my best army's of old.
The Death guard. This army did very well for me in 4th addition but was eventual sold,
The tragedy here is that this was a work of art. Not just a collection of little men.

I really enjoyed building build and paint this army not to mention the time I spent working green stuff and converting much of this army. The defiler and the damned prince were some of my favorite units.

As with many of my army's alot part of it used to be someone else's old models and what have you.
I seemed to recycle 40K armies for about 4 years. A big gaming group helped too.
My land raider at one time belonged to a friend. He was also working on a death guard force as well.

I later used this same design to produce a death guard land raider for another friend and I think it turned out much better than the first one.
I planed to add a few pics of that one but .. can't find them.

Nurgle themed armies seemed to be my thing for a few years. But thankfully I have moved on.
The only part of this army I never cared for were the plague marines. The colors never felt right and it frustrated me alot.

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