Friday, 9 March 2018

New web cam.

More things to talk about.
(Picture taken with my phone.)
If you remember my post about youtube you may also notice that I haven't done anything at all yet.
Things are moving.
Just this week I picked up my new web cam from the post office. 
I ordered a Logitech c920.
I had been looking at one of these for a very long time but didn't want to spend the money.
I ordered it last week.

Here we have some test pictures in 1080p.

These were taken with the new web cam.
I like where this is going. It's easy to use.
Just a little more to do to get things sorted out and I'll post about the next thing when it's happened.
Hope you like the pictures! 

Monday, 5 March 2018

March 4th Battle report Orks V Sister+Storm Troopers and tanks

   Sunday I went back up to Jacksonville for a game.  2000 points.
My usual scromgrod changed his list, the Saturday the week before his army was huge and very involved and we didn't make it past two turns in two hours...
We rolled up some mission from Chapter Approved which had 6 objectives to be scored by controling players at the end of their turns , each player turn and Kill points.
We rolled long table edge deployment.

I turtle'd up many units under my KFF to protect them from harm.

war bikers, Grot mob and Lobbas on my far left.

Another view of my turtle.
You can see he's moving up a very fast moving transport. It has a squad inside an has twin heavy flamer... 

His sister squad had lots of flamers and they, with some help, killed my warbikers but were then killed in revenge. The boys managed a fairly safe charge leaving the transport with one or two wound remaining. It wasn't going anywhere.

On my left he had dropped 2 small units of storm troopers.
They did very little and were shot and then beaten to death, his little commander guy was then charged, beaten to death in the next combat.

The warboss in the trukk and some warbikes having little to no real plan rolled out, looking for something constructive to do.

In two rounds Snikrot kills a leader character from the sisters of battle. I remembered to interrupt combat to fight before she did, good plan.

The boys the big mek and a weird boy kill the transport and another transport. in two rounds of combat. It kept me contained for a very long time. 

The warboss landed a charge on some sisters and easily killed them all in one go. he would be gunned down after that.

Sneaky kommandos scoring n objective.

snickrot and a large unit of kommandos take an objective.

Grots take the objective on the hill.

My Kannons were destroyed, objective lost. The weird boy and pain boy attempt to gain it back.

War bikers, Big Mek and Weird boy kill a bunch of survivors and gain an objective. 

The Nob from the Boys mob steals another objective.

My Heroes can't seem to clear that hill.

Killing another storm trooper hero.

Scoring points for da boss!

Snikrot moved to cover.

And keeps the objective.

And that's that.

Orks lose 21 to 23.
Called the came at the end of 3 turns I was nearly out of models and he had too much armour left. Still a much better showing than a silly draw like the last time.

I'll change my list again the next time. Something different.
That was a lot of vehicles and they were intimidating but not nearly as bad as I had thought they would have been.