Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Happy Holiday brake 2014 part one.

Not a lot of painting this week. Another 20 Boys done on Tuesday evening. Things pick up again Next Monday. That just means I am doing a little here and there on the Ork Project but not setting any goals to hit this week. Looks like I have 15 more boys in the box to paint and then I bring in the next box full of Ork Boys! Not to worry I'm sure I will be Knee Deep in Deff Koptas soon!

Pictures in the Next post! Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you for reading.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

It's gunna hurt but we're gunna do it!

So here we are again!

Top down. good colors, Still wip.
Models should look good from a top down pov.
A youtuber had some thoughts about that and a consistent paint job. Sounds good to me.

Models are blocked in and will get more paint near the end of all the infantry.
As well as, rumor has it.., Muddy bases!

Sanguinebase T-Shirts 

Rucksack tan t-shirts!

Figuring out the Hair-Squig colors.

A slightly darker brown/tan T-Shirt.
I like the red. Much Brighter then my usual Dark red look. A little more "Happy"
More evil Sunz less Goff.

Skin's coming out well. 
Still wip.

Teef. Nice and toofy.

Progress is steady. Slow but with results and steady. 30 boys painted to this level so far. Still wip. Much more to do. But a good solid ,Now I know what I'm doing , start.
I don't usually paint like this. These are much further along then my usual factory paint method.
My next batch will be 60 boys. But their progress will be a little slower, this will let me get into a few other different models throughout the next weeks.
I like to tackle the "hardest parts of a project first. So loads of infantry are the toughest part due to model count.

More mayhem to come!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

It puts the paint on the Ork where it's told or it get da hose again!

The Ork Project has begun! This is the start of an interesting and challenging project. My returning client has sent me his OrK collection to paint and it's no small task.
I remain confident I can and will "geterdone" in a very timely manner.
Now. Let me say My client is a very strong painter. No really. I don't know who he learned from, and I really need to ask, but he's no slouch. ( Slouch. That's a good word. You never hear that one anymore...)

So the task is to try and match his paint style. Not the task he has asked me to take on, not exactly.
He sent some models as examples! And I am very impressed! He sent me some pictures of his Tau and again. Impressive! I thought it was important to explain that he sets the standard when it comes to this kind o project.

See! he even painted the stones on the base!

It's taken a little bit to get the right colors. I think I have a close match for the colors he used for
( His) orks skin!
But this is what I have come up with so far.
Again his nob
My test model and his nob.

And I'm now at 10 Ork boys with skin very close to 
the same as the Nob.
The three colors I am using are.
Scurvy Green - Game Color
Jade Green - Game Color
Foul Green - Game Color
(In that order)
I'm sure to use a few washes as well.

These are still wip and took a little time to do.
Now that I can see where I am trying to go I think I can get there fairly quickly.

So, I hope your all as excited to see how this turns out!
I know I'm happy and excited to get stuck in!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Next Art of the Ork thread. 12/15/2014

I'm starting another Ork picture heap just because.  This is still for MY orks. Next week will launch the mighty Ork Commission Project. This note is just to let you know that this creates two different "Subjects" I will also add the tag line "Commission Orks Project".
Also. Last weeks gaame against the Farsight's Fishboyz.
I didn't manage to remember any still pictures but Did manage to record the glory that is WAAAAAGH Orks Vs. Farsight enclave 3000 points Purge the Alien.

And the Ork cave art continues!


Turkey weekender roundup.
Not much done. Way too busy. But. 
Two Trukks built one primed.
The Plastic Big Mek got a KFF upgrade.
Another MANZ got some paint love. Just some silver and metalics mostly for his chain club kills saw..thing.
And Just today the Meka Dred arrived!



Look what came in the Mail today!