Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Next Art of the Ork thread. 12/15/2014

I'm starting another Ork picture heap just because.  This is still for MY orks. Next week will launch the mighty Ork Commission Project. This note is just to let you know that this creates two different "Subjects" I will also add the tag line "Commission Orks Project".
Also. Last weeks gaame against the Farsight's Fishboyz.
I didn't manage to remember any still pictures but Did manage to record the glory that is WAAAAAGH Orks Vs. Farsight enclave 3000 points Purge the Alien.

And the Ork cave art continues!


Turkey weekender roundup.
Not much done. Way too busy. But. 
Two Trukks built one primed.
The Plastic Big Mek got a KFF upgrade.
Another MANZ got some paint love. Just some silver and metalics mostly for his chain club kills saw..thing.
And Just today the Meka Dred arrived!



Look what came in the Mail today!


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