Friday, 24 July 2015

More dirty Orks!

This week was spent with the Burna Boys and the "Rockit boys" and some weedy Grots.
On my table are more Rockit boys and some big shoota Boys as well.
Nearly 30 models in all. 

Sean, I will email you my Number today. 
I didn't see a rush to reply to you as I figured you would be bussy untill the weekend with work and Family going's On's.  

Hot to mud.
I don't have any hard and ast rules for mud I went to Massive VooDoo to look for one of their painting tutorials and found that to create the wet mud effect they used several layers of Gloss varnish.
(The section called Creating and painting the base.)

For mud as a color I have a bottle of a grey and green craft paint I mixed a few years ago for terrain. I mix that with a Dark Brown craft paint. (Just a few drops!) Once I have a color of mud I like I paint that on the base and just a little on the model. Boots, pants and just the parts close to the ground.

I have tried this a few ways. One was to mix in Gloss varnish with the mud color. But is that even a necessary step? I can't say it was anything more than a waste of the varnish. Yet another thing I have done is gloss over the mud color after it has dried. Again aside from getting a feel for what it will look like it's not important. Why? Remember we still have to spray seal the models. So why muck around and dull or remove the wet mud effect.

The Gloss Varnish will be applied after the models have been sealed and this may take a few layers of varnish to get the effect to look correct. I was thinking that some water effects might come into play but I don't see using that one the smaller infantry bases so much as the 40MM and larger.

Notes. Just mix the colors and don't worry about it, it's mud.
Remember that Dark colors will overpower the lighter colors so use less dark colors.
Another option is to buy a few P3 colors. Battledress Green or Thornwood Green, for example.
(And good examples of the color when mixing your own!)

Lastly from the explanations on the Massive VooDoo tutorial, Darker colors are used under the models, for shadow. Also it's ok to use lighter colors in spots where mud might dry. We know it changes to a lighter color in most cases when dry. And remember not to gloss those spots.

I use craft paint for my terrain. The grey/Green was mixed for a swampy color just for that.
I'm sure to repost this with examples when I get the time!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Don't you have work to do..( yes another Why are you clicking on me joke..)

Work Work Work as the old saying goes..
This week Started the models in the "Red Case".

I wasn't sure how many models would be in there but it's not as many as I had feared!
Right now the are 12 Gretchen and 12 Weapons boys on the table. with another 7 waiting their turn.
I am full stop on the Ork boys from before, they're as done as they are going to get and I am very pleased with them. likely the best models I have ever painted. ( with a brush!)

Still have some odds and ends to do, touch up some bases and some touch ups on the Deff Koptas as well.

With luck the wet mud effect will turn out really well. Apparently it done with layers of gloss varnish. So it's the very last thing I will do before I pack up the models. They will need to be spray sealed first.

We've come such a far way, in the epic sense. it's like the lord of the rings. every step forward seems two steps back. Will we ever get to Mordor?......
This weekend I will be working on some parts to a TAU army which will be for sale in the not so far off future. (Thankfully only two models need assembly and paint!) It's a really mean army full of angry shooting fishy guys and Evil alien technology.
It was an army I painted for a friend who traded it to me 6 months later seems he ran out of opponents to play.. To competitive, too shooty. too TAU?
I have pictures hiding out some where in the blog.
I will kick it up a notch and take new pictures! I will be very glad to see them go. i need the shop space and they need a home.

There as so many small projects I want to do. I'm going to paint a small Dark Angels force and finish my Space wolves, I hope in time for the "spring raids"! And next year some time get back to work on my orks.
And if that wasn't enough... I am planning to paint some D&D miniatures for my Brother.
They will get their own tag and gallery.

I guess I had a lot to say this week.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Two weeks behind on posting.

Some times It's hard to post when all I have done is more work on the same models. Not too exciting.
But let me catch everyone up on what I have been doing.

Working on a Stompa. it's come a long way.
He's like a big Red God!

Painted some looted Rhinos

 It took the stompa to show me what I should do with them.
And started basing infantry models.

This is the start of the muddy bases I was asked to do. I didn't really know what I would do and just found myself getting started.
Step one. Paint the base dark brown.
Step two. Add spots of green grey color on the bases, boots and pants of the models. (Not too much!)
Step three. Add rust color spots. ( Just a little here and there.)
Step four add some light brown, maybe a sand color. ( Again just a small, small amount.)
Next wash the bases with Army painter ink/ Quick shades "Strong tone" brown.
This is also applied over the boots on the pants. ( Up to the knees. or any spot your other colors hit the models.)
Let dry between all steps and paint edge of bases black!

I'm still working on how to muddy them up more. but these are very presentable.
More to come. Thanks for looking!
Sneaking in another picture...