Friday, 10 July 2015

Two weeks behind on posting.

Some times It's hard to post when all I have done is more work on the same models. Not too exciting.
But let me catch everyone up on what I have been doing.

Working on a Stompa. it's come a long way.
He's like a big Red God!

Painted some looted Rhinos

 It took the stompa to show me what I should do with them.
And started basing infantry models.

This is the start of the muddy bases I was asked to do. I didn't really know what I would do and just found myself getting started.
Step one. Paint the base dark brown.
Step two. Add spots of green grey color on the bases, boots and pants of the models. (Not too much!)
Step three. Add rust color spots. ( Just a little here and there.)
Step four add some light brown, maybe a sand color. ( Again just a small, small amount.)
Next wash the bases with Army painter ink/ Quick shades "Strong tone" brown.
This is also applied over the boots on the pants. ( Up to the knees. or any spot your other colors hit the models.)
Let dry between all steps and paint edge of bases black!

I'm still working on how to muddy them up more. but these are very presentable.
More to come. Thanks for looking!
Sneaking in another picture...

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