Friday, 29 August 2014

More TAU.

It looks like this project is done.
A nicely painted army for a wargamer.
This project took just under a month. ( By a few days!!!)

This project took just a little longer then I thought it would. One of the reasons for that
seemed to be all the brush painting of base colors, in very small areas.

I am leaving this project in  place where it can be revisited later but is more then done enough to use on the table. 

Lastly for today The big issue with most projects seem to be in the assembly stage. When some one else wrongly assembling the models it really has a negative effect on my painting.
It can be very hard to be the one who cares more about the models then the one who owns them.

Regardless I am pleased to be done and look forward to seeing them on the table top.
I will take more pictures of this army on Sunday during a game!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

More art of the Ork. updated 09/24/2014

That last one has like 200 pictures. Something like that.

In the red box you can see the part I originally wanted to use as the power supply for the Klaw.
It did not work out and I mad the Generator  he now has on his back. Still thinking up some kind of fuel supply or other worldly power supply.

Unky panzy duff.