Saturday, 14 May 2011

The universe unclog!

I have not been a competive ork player for a while now. which isnt to say I have not been winning some gmes but nearly 3 months ago I decided to drop off from gaming for a while. early this month I got the time to play again and won 2 games (every one loves to win!) but I got thinking about my army lists and with that I am thinking about useing more shoota boyz.regardless of how I had been building my army my boyz alwayse seem to be what wins the games sure the outher stuff is good too. I had for a long time been running slugga boyz but my last few games got me thinking about shoota buyz.
I am also thinking about IMPArmout?8? as a new way to play as well.
I don't like gretchen much as a troop choice either but I do like the way the new kit looks so I may add a large mob.
over all the only think I seem to be lacking is waggonz I have some kits but just cant get in to thim. the model isn't what I was hoping for ..too small.

So all ranting aside I guess I'm going to work on some lists.

Ok guard update.

new plan coming soon And DKoK pics.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Short and sweet.

No pic's this weekend, Spent all weekend in the "real" world. but all is well, or as well as my crazy lets me be.. And I'm thinking orkz! so I have been rummaging through my bitz box. What about ard boyz? ..but Shoota Ard boyz? could be good.

But the guard did get a little time on Saturday. the tracks have been painted black. I am toying with a black line look for the armour but I am not going to paint the bolts all over the tanks. That would be unrealistic. I am going to add the Basilisks to the "euro" troop I decided this this morning. the reasoning being Apocalypse.

And I am thinking about terrain. A dark heavy ash waste, with snow and mud. should look like a place no one would want to fight over... to crappy to clam. This one will be planed out.

Sorry for not giving up any pics.. you lot are all way too spoiled as it is..