Monday, 16 July 2018

ETL Third Vow! (All in one post!)

Wrapping up this years ETL season with a big finish!
This is one of my several stompas that took a dive from a shelf to the floor of my shop and...failed to land on it's feet.
It took surprisingly little damage.

It begins!


Finished for now.
Still have missing parts that I just could not find and I looked for them on three occasions... 
If they ever turn up I will paint them and add them back onto this rickety monster.

The season ends the  first of August.
I am not sure if we are capped at 3 vows still or are allowed more. I may have time for just one more model.

It either will or wont happen. We'll see.

Thanks for looking! 

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Second ETL Vow Part 1

Starting the second vow for this season.
His glorious and majestic mountain of angry gnashing teeth and stompy boots commands yet again to get stuck in!
I warhead01, his beaten and well trained representative, do Vow to complete for the greater glory of the mighty WAAAAGH GorGak and the lesser but still great, it's fantastic!, glory of the almost but not quite as mighty Waaaagh here on the B&C representing Da Orks in this years ETL.

The following units are Vowed.
4 Nobz with choppas and kustom shootas. 84 points
5 Storm boys (will be ordered next week.) 40 points
2 War Koptas  161 X2 = 322
1 runtherd 26 points
1 Killa Kan with Grotzooka  61 points
29 shoota boys 174 points
a total of 707 points committed.
(I'll be able to post the pictures of the models I already have here tomorrow morning. )
All of this will be done prior too  August First or we has banner of shame for a year. 
And with that said in public... 
Let the games begin..again!

Friday, 25 May 2018

9 Killa Kans nearly done.

This week went to my plastic Killa Kans.
Most of these were traded for over the last several years. I have had no interest in either paint them or putting them on the table as a unit in any of my lists. Killa Kans being regarded over all as "Bad" for many year.

But enough of that. Enjoy the pictures!