Sunday, 15 October 2017

A few months of painting.

I'm not exactly sure what I've painted recently I've been busy and haven't put in a lot of time for it. 
It's more unorganized than usual.

That one is the reworded Big Boss for my Bonesplitterz  he needed something to make him more interesting.

I've just wrapped up 28 more plastic Grots. I may get two more from a Bitz seller.

I'm in the middle or just past the middle of 30 more arrow boys. A fair bit left to do.
These will complete the tribe.
I did these a while back but I added a step for the new ones.
as you will see a bosses job is never done.

I added a wash of watered down turquoise ink.

It reminds me of those other orks....
From a few years ago.
But for grots I really like it.

5 storm boys for the B&C painting thing.
But I am actually planning to paint another 20 I have that were started but not finished.

Flash Gitz

Really big Dakka.

Some Kannons.
Big guns pack a lot of bang for their points these days.
I'd love to finally add 6 Lobbas to my collection. 

wip Arrow boys. Lots left to do.
This is just 2 of the 30 I have been working on, all of them are as far along as these.