Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Just some thoughts.

Last month was interesting and a little frustrating.
I ran four Auctions in the month of September. Only one of them sold.
Maybe I wasn't selling anything that anyone really wanted or maybe I was asking a little too much.
I could "what if" about all of that for a long time.
I'm trying to clean out some older collected miniatures, sending them off to new homes.
Even as some of my auctions failed to sell and as disappointed as I was I can't be mad.
All I can do is try again.

So what's next ?

Next week I will list another Auction and see if it goes. And I think I will reauction my table top terrain as well. I will brake it all down into several lots. Maybe it was too many peaces of terrain.

My next project will be another stent with the Imperial Guard. I am going to turn some of my Steel Legion into veterans. I've not used many veterans over the years. This should represent a post Armageddon force. The rest of this army will be picked over and some of it painted. Everything else will be inventoried and boxed away.
7th edition offers so many ways to build an army list. I have yet to read about any IG players using a maximum number of Vet squads. Always it seems the Minimum is preferred.
At any rate. 4 or 5 squads should be easy enough to paint in a week or two.

And lastly.

What about Da Orks!!!!!

Good question. They just trudge along. right now I am working on some  MANZ, a few Lootas and some grot slaves. I expect i will get another Mek gun this month and am watching some Ebay auctions for a few extra things that I'd like to add. and later this month the fish head pay off, a pile of Ork stuff! But a brake wont hurt anything.

Loads more to come!
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Terrain for sale!

I'm running out of room to store all my terrain! So I have pulled a few peaces of terrain aside to sell as a lot!
So buy my terrain! You know you want to! Nothing beats a table full of nicely made terrain! Insert something that sounds like a sales guy here!

Heres the auction!

All jokes aside I have a few peaces of terrain I'd like to sell as one Lot. You can grab it up right here right now! or wait to bid for it on Ebay!
These 11 peaces should lightly cover a 4' by 6' table. A very nice collection recommended for the gamer who plays at home. all of these peaces are in matching colors and theme. A small jungle awaits you.

If you buy this and find that it's just not enough for you table, Maybe you have a 4' by 8' table?, Then just email me ! I have more terrain and we can make a deal!

Please enjoy the pictures !

And thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A First Formation of the remaining Imperial Guard Forces.

Mordian Iron Guard.

First Platoon.
Rifle platoon format.
5 squads with special weapons.
Grenade launchers, Flamers, Melta guns available.
Second and third platoons
4 squads with Special and Heavy weapons
Missile launchers, Lascnnons, Heavy bolters, Mortars, Auttoncannons.
Flamers,Grenade launchers, Meltaguns available

2 Ratling Sniper squads  
1 Squad Ogryn

16 Chimera
3 Devil Dogs
3 Basilisk
1 Deathstrike
2 Maticore 
9-10 LRBT's

3 Thud Guns
2 Heavy Mortars
2 Meduas

9 Sentinels 
3 Valkyries
3 Vendettas

2 Thunderbolts
1 Vulture

9 Cyclops

I'll add to this list later.