Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A First Formation of the remaining Imperial Guard Forces.

Mordian Iron Guard.

First Platoon.
Rifle platoon format.
5 squads with special weapons.
Grenade launchers, Flamers, Melta guns available.
Second and third platoons
4 squads with Special and Heavy weapons
Missile launchers, Lascnnons, Heavy bolters, Mortars, Auttoncannons.
Flamers,Grenade launchers, Meltaguns available

2 Ratling Sniper squads  
1 Squad Ogryn

16 Chimera
3 Devil Dogs
3 Basilisk
1 Deathstrike
2 Maticore 
9-10 LRBT's

3 Thud Guns
2 Heavy Mortars
2 Meduas

9 Sentinels 
3 Valkyries
3 Vendettas

2 Thunderbolts
1 Vulture

9 Cyclops

I'll add to this list later. 

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